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3 Helpful Features of an Applicant Tracking System

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Keeping track of qualified applicants is an important aspect of managing your business. The most efficient way to track strong potential new hires is with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). A worthy ATS will help you track and analyze data, such as how long it takes to fill a vacant position or your company’s turnover rate, and be able to automate important communication throughout the hiring process. Let’s talk about three helpful features of a great ATS.

Post to external job boards and stand out from the crowd

It’s not enough to just post open positions to your website. Your business needs to advertise career opportunities where the candidates are, and these days, that means being visible on online job boards. Dominion’s Applicant Tracking System is integrated with Indeed Apply. When a job post is created in ATS, it will be sent directly to Indeed, where it can be discovered by countless job seekers. Our dashboard tracks how many applications you’ve receive from Indeed and your company’s job board.

Another way to attract top talent is to stand out from the crowd with a branded job board. Dominion’s ATS has the option to create a job board and about page for your company, right inside ATS.  Upload your logo, provide a description about your company, and maybe even a photo in order to give job seekers a peek at your company’s culture.

Together, these benefits help you reach more of the right talent faster and create a positive impact on your bottom line. 

Allows for custom correspondence 

Timely communication with job applicants is important for retaining great potential employees. 

As you interview candidates and move through the selection process, an ATS should assist in your hiring communications. Dominion’s ATS lets you customize email correspondence, create email templates, and send and save text messages. Create an email template for when you have to send rejection emails en masse, customize a text when you move someone to the next step in the hiring process, or a custom email for when you’re ready to make an offer. Each applicant has the option to indicate their communication preference when filling out their application.

Keeps you organized

Tracking qualified candidates is usually the first step to the employee life cycle. While it’s true that not all candidates in your pipeline will be part of your organization, one could be onboarded in the near future. But before you decide to onboard any candidate, you and your team will go through a rigorous review process. Dominion’s Applicant Tracking can help. Users can preview resumes, make notes, rate candidates, and view correspondence, all from a single applicant record page. 

Once you’ve hired the right person, it’s beneficial to have an ATS that integrates with other HR processes. Dominion’s Applicant Tracking System integrates seamlessly with our Onboarding and Payroll software. Once you’ve decided to hire a great candidate, their information flows from ATS right into Onboarding and then into Payroll. Dual entry becomes a thing of the past and your new hire will be ready to work from day one. Interested in improving your applicant tracking and employee life cycle processes? Request a demo to get started! 


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