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3 Key Features to Look for in an HRM Software

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Human Resource Management (HRM) software has revolutionized the way that businesses manage their people on a daily basis. These platforms were initially started to enable organizations to become more efficient through digitizing many of their processes. Now, HRM software has given businesses the ability to involve their employees in an assortment of processes. This has dramatically changed the workflow to become not only more automated but also engaging. Now there are specific features of HRM software that are going to help your business to scale at a lower cost while also growing a company culture that embraces innovation.

Here are the 3 features to watch for that can help your business:

1. Employee Benefits Automation

Year after year, the employee benefits process becomes more complicated and can develop quite a headache for most businesses and their employees. If you think about the process as a whole, it starts with the company being able to clearly present all of the different benefit options available to each employee. The employee then has to be able to select which specific benefits they prefer, and finally, the company must relay all that information accurately to the insurance carriers. 

Now, take that process and apply it to your new hires and employees with life events and it can become quite a hassle. Imagine if there was a way for your staff to be able to pick the benefits they wanted based on their specific situations:

  • Levels of medical insurance (single, married, dependents)

  • Levels of dental insurance

  • Prescriptions

  • Vision

  • FSA

  • 401(k)

  • Other company-specific benefits

Employees would be able to log into their Employee Self Service portal and choose from a variety of benefits that are available to them as if they were shopping online. Once they had finished selecting, all the information would then be automatically updated to the various carriers. No need for paper that can be misplaced, inaccurate, or insecure. The HRM Benefits Automation feature can really help your employees to feel engaged and empowered throughout the whole process.

2. Onboarding Automation 

Being able to find the right people to fill your specific roles is an essential part of managing a company, but the process of recruiting, hiring, and training your new employees can be very time consuming. You are constantly trying to stay organized while dealing with multiple job postings on multiple sites. On top of that, you must keep track of all the different candidates who have applied and their different stages in the application process. Once you’ve picked the candidate for hire, then it’s time to integrate them into the organization with all the proper paperwork and training. 

What is your process for recruiting, hiring, and training new people? Do you know what it is truly costing you? The onboarding cost of a new hire with an average salary of 50,000 or less is about 20% of their gross salary. That’s quite a pretty penny, so getting it right the first time is a must. 

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a feature that enables businesses to collect and organize every candidate that applies for a job within your company. The best part about using an ATS like Dominion’s is that once you hire an individual, you can seamlessly change the candidate’s status to Employee, which will then trigger all the information included on their application to kick over into your payroll and HR platform. Now they can be paid, sign up for benefits, keep track of their time, and engage with their new coworkers. All you’ll need to do on your end is fill in the remaining new-hire information not included in the application and your new employee will be set.

3. Employee Engagement Feature

One of the most overlooked issues organizations face is that their employees are disengaged. This problem is very complex and there is no simple answer to changing company culture overnight. The first step, however, is to address the lack of employee engagement by shifting your human resource management paradigm. Moving your company away from the human capital management model and toward an employee-centric HR management model is a must. Businesses must strive to provide an environment that highlights every employee’s strengths and help them to overcome their weaknesses. 

HRM software features are being developed to help businesses make the move to an employee-centric model. Employee logins will mimic social networking profiles that many of your employees are already familiar with. This will create a more social and team-oriented environment where people feel a part of something that is bigger than just them. Your company will become more fluid and dynamic, laying the groundwork for engaging your employees.

Using an HRM software like Dominion’s is the first step in providing your company with a completely integrated, employee-centric HRM model. Current features of HRM software are giving us a window into where the industry is going as a whole, so it’s important to adopt these practices early so you can be ahead of the curb. 

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