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Become a Better Leader in 4 Steps

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Being an effective leader is all about taking initiative to get to know your team and creating a solid foundation of trust. Once you have that relationship, you can modify your approach to find what works best for everyone. Until then, here are four steps to get you started: 

Have an Open Door Policy

It is important for your staff to know they have someone they can turn to for guidance, questions, and concerns. According to the Harvard Professional Group, the relationship between an employee and their direct manager is the number one indicator of job satisfaction. Being approachable opens the lines of communication and gives your team the opportunity to seek out clarification and direction. Having an open door policy builds trust amongst team members when others know you have the desire to stay up-to-date in workday complications and successes.

Establish Clear Goals

Failing to communicate your expectations with your employees only leaves room for their own perception of success. As a leader, you’ll want everyone on the same page for what dictates good job performance in order to reach individual, team, and company-wide goals. Without setting goals unnecessary confusion for both parties will occur because it puts the control entirely in the employee’s hands. Isn’t the role of a leader to lead their staff? Leaders are put in place to guide everyone toward a common goal and stay on track.

Recognize Your Employees

Take the time to congratulate your team when they reach their goals. There is no better feeling than being acknowledged for your hard work. Simply assuming your employees know they are appreciated is not an effective method of communicating – especially as a leader. If you want your employees to feel valued, then you need to make the effort. All it takes is a quick shout-out highlighting what the person did and how it positively impacted the business. Just make sure your recognition is authentic and personable. Recognition can be the difference between your employees staying at your company or looking for a position elsewhere.

Encourage and Value Your Team Members

In order to gain respect you must first give respect. Following the steps above will all lead to attaining a mutual trust between you and your team. Showing that you are listening and making an honest effort to understand and rectify their issues is a great way to display that value for them.

Encouraging your team will also support innovative thinking and develop employee relationships. Empowering your staff to work together strengthens employee bonds and can greatly benefit the workplace dynamic.

Being a leader at work can be stressful at times when all eyes are on you for solutions and assistance, but the reward of effective leadership is a reliable team that will get you through the adversities.  


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