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Dominion’s Perks: Performance Reviews

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Performance reviews have the potential to contribute to the growth and longevity of both your employees and your business. When coupled with well-integrated and user-friendly technology, you can increase their positive potential and essentially eliminate the anxiety and annoying aspects of conducting performance reviews. Let’s dive into some of the ways Dominion’s Performance software will benefit your business.

Reduce paperwork

Reducing paperwork is one of the most apparent advantages of utilizing Performance Review software. HR teams and supervisors will no longer have to track and organize stacks of performance review paperwork. Our software enables supervisors to quickly check in on their employee’s job performance from the same platform they manage payroll, benefits, and hours worked.

One platform for increased accountability

By giving employees access to their performance data from the same platform they review hours, submit PTO, and check pay stubs, they’ll feel an increased sense of accountability. Allowing employees to refer back to a specific company or department goal and viewing their competencies encourages a sense of purpose. They can see what they need to be striving towards and how their performance is measured.

With Dominion, you can create company-level and individual goals, list competencies for skill assessment, and more. This transparency encourages accountability and ensures employees stay on the right path.

Set goals and monitor progress

Employees who contribute to company goals feel valued and report increased job satisfaction, which breeds a lower turnover rate. In today’s job market, your business should be making a serious effort towards employee job satisfaction. Finding top talent is difficult, to say the least, and keeping a new employee invested in your business is almost as hard. With Dominion’s Performance software, employees can check in to see what department and company goals they should be trying to reach. Setting and measuring employee goals not only helps the employee feel invested in their work but also provides a starting point of discussion when it’s review time.

Gather critical feedback

Performance reviews often get a bad reputation because they’re not conducted on time. If you conduct annual reviews, it’s challenging to accurately recall all the great work an employee has accomplished in the previous year. Likewise, you’re liable to see their performance only under the lens of the past couple of weeks. Dominion’s Performance software allows managers to set notifications and reminders so reviews can be conducted promptly. Prompt and timely performance reviews provide insights into the overall productivity of the company. You also have the option of storing performance-related data, such as notes, analytics, or client letters, as attachments in the employee's file.  Of course, performance data is only helpful if management decides to act on it. Dominion will give you the best HR tools possible to collect and report on meaningful analytics.

Streamline raises into payroll.

Often times the dread and awkwardness of a performance review are rewarded with a raise. Dominion’s Performance Review software allows approved managers to integrate raises into payroll if you decide an employee has contributed adequately and exceeded their goals. The discussed raise is reviewable by other managers before its submission and approval.

Learn how to set up goals and scoring, track employee performance, and more by scheduling a demo! 


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