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How to Host a Virtual Event Successfully

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Hosting a virtual event can be beneficial to your customers and your business

Virtual events are now a common method to interact with customers, prospects, job candidates, and more. From live-streaming to webinars and demos, there are many options available. Let’s discuss some of the events you can host virtually, as well as tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to do so successfully.

Events your business can host online

There are a lot of options at your disposal when it comes to what it can host online, so let’s take a look at some popular choices.

Product Demos

If your business sells a product, a product demo can be a great virtual event to host. You can discuss how to use the product, offer tips, suggestions, and instructions, and gauge interest in that product. Furthermore, if you offer similar products to the one you’re demonstrating, you can inform your customers and prospects about additional products they may find useful. 

Dominion hosts monthly product demos to showcase our software and inform our customers about how to best utilize our products. Check out our upcoming events to see what’s coming next! 


Large-scale conferences can be hosted online successfully. Your business can integrate additional meetings and networking opportunities from the conference, as well as send attendees marketing collateral about the conference topics. 

Training and Courses

If you’d like to dive deep into a product or topic, an online training series or course can be a great option. Training and courses can be centered around skill sets, specific themes, software tools, and more. Dominion provides ongoing online training to all our clients. New customers receive a detailed orientation training session to ensure they understand the full capabilities of our software, and all clients can schedule additional training sessions throughout their tenure with Dominion. 


Your business can conduct and hire new employees from virtual interviews. If you’re offering a fully remote position, or feel comfortable hiring a new employee digitally, Dominion can help. Our Applicant Tracking and Onboarding software streamline these traditional processes into payroll and ensure a painless transition for administrators and employees alike. 

Tips for hosting a successful virtual event

All events, virtual or not, come with logistical challenges. The following tips can help your virtual event run smoothly.

Create a game plan

Every event should have a solid game plan. No matter your planning strategy, make sure your team is aware of the steps they need to follow to set up the event. For example, have a spreadsheet or checklist that answers the following questions:

  • When are we hosting the event?

  • How are we hosting this event?

  • Do we have promotional material ready to go?

  • How are people going to register?

  • How do we track who registers?

  • Do you have a script or the appropriate materials for the event?

These are not the only questions your business should answer, but it’s a good place to start.

Promote the event

Once your team has a game plan, it’s time to promote the event. Send out emails, use social media platforms, or include it in email signatures. However, you promote the event, be sure to include what’s valuable about the event in your promotional materials. 

Furthermore, include key details about the event: what time it is, what will be covered, what people will learn, etc. There is no shortage of promotional strategies, so get creative! 

Be ready for tech problems

If death and taxes are the only two for-sure things in this life, experiencing tech problems during a virtual event should be a top contender for number three. Test your internet connection beforehand, find a disruption-free area, run a practice session, and have backups of files or presentation materials on hand. 

Not everyone is tech-savvy, so be ready to answer common questions about how to join the event the day-of, how to navigate the event software, how to ask questions during the event, and any other common problem or question you can anticipate. 

Encourage engagement

No matter your virtual event, you should encourage participants to engage with you before, during, and after. Ask viewers to submit questions; chances are, they’ll stay until the end to hear the answer. If you decide to have participants submit questions, be sure you have a moderator to field them. 

You can also send out surveys after the event is complete. Surveys can give you insight into what participants liked, what they valued, and what you can do better next time. 

Hosting a virtual event can be a great tool for your business. With a bit of planning and the right software, you can engage your current customers, generate leads, and provide in-depth information about your products and services. 


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