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How to Improve HR Reports for Executive Teams

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HR professionals often take a lot of flak, but with the right tools, HR can measure initiatives across the company. HR’s ability to effectively measure and report on hiring, retention, goal progress, and more can give your business the data to make strategic and informed decisions.

But even if your C-Suite executives are aware of everyday functions of the HR department, they may not know what reports are readily at their fingertips. However, most executives and decision makers agree that measuring key HR statistics is important for the vitality of the business. Which means clear, insightful HR reporting is no longer a nice add-on to your payroll and HR software - it’s a critical tool for the management strategy of your business. 

Measuring the Efforts of HR Matters

In today's economy, people are realizing that HR is not a joke department. The effort of HR professionals is worth tracking and improving in order to make better company-wide decisions. In a survey conducted by Bamboo, nearly 70% of respondents said it’s very important to measure and track the impact HR initiatives have on their business. This is good news for the world of HR, as what gets measured gets improved. Much like your step tracker, if you can see the data, you’re more likely to do something about it. 

Your Executive Team Wants More Insightful Reports

We know measuring HR initiatives is important, but the effort of HR may not be as clear to those outside the department. In fact, nearly a third of executives said their HR team doesn’t report as much as they would like. And while that stat isn’t necessarily a gold star for a lot of HR professionals, it does provide room for opportunity and improvement. If your HR team knows that upper management wants more insightful reports, the right tools can help you pave the way for more strategic decision making in the organization. 

Reporting on Employee Experience is a Priority

Frequency isn’t the only factor HR professionals can improve on when it comes to reporting. Nearly a quarter of the people surveyed wished they had accessible reports to run on employee satisfaction, and 20% said employee engagement. After all, HR should help the people of your business, so it’s critical to see if you’re helping employees grow or hindering their productivity.

So does your organization have the tools to boost employee engagement and satisfaction? The good news is that Dominion has a wide range of effective and accessible HR and payroll reports

What HR Can Do

HR professionals and executives both want more insight into how their efforts impact their business, and for good reason. The right reports generated by HR can wield real influence on a business’s management strategy, hiring practices, bonuses and promotions, and much more. 

With Dominion, this responsibility doesn’t have to weigh heavy on the shoulders of HR. We provide integrated and streamlined software to help you report on employee performance, turnover, retention, and more. Request a demo to give your business the best in HR and payroll reporting!


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