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How To Manage Your Best Employee Who Doesn’t Fit The Norm

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This post was written by Martina Sanchez

We’ve all worked with them, colleagues who are amazing at what they do but almost impossible to manage.

Without them, you’d lose a valuable contributor to your company but to manage them is becoming increasingly difficult. Finding out what makes people tick and how to get the very best out of your employees is the key to successful employee management.

Let’s take a look at some top management tips on making the most out of your brilliant but difficult employee and creating the kind of office environment that brings in results.

Get To The Bottom Of The Behavior

Is your employee having some troubles at home or feeling stressed at work? Take some time to discuss any possible issues. Avoid isolating them and have a member of your human resources team on hand to show the employee that you care about what’s upsetting them and want to offer any reasonable solution.

Make sure that while you are talking, you offer your report a lot of praise and positive reinforcement about the role they play. Let them know you want them to succeed and that you are on their side. Hopefully you will give your employee the chance to address their behaviour in a supportive environment and make a real difference to their working life.

Ask For Self Feedback

If your employee is super smart but constantly missing deadlines then begin the process of self-evaluation with them.

Human resource specialist Tania Bryant at Draft Beyond said: “Once you get your employee to be honest with himself about his performance then you can begin to address the issues.  You should start seeing a real difference”.

Getting your employee to take a good, honest look at himself will be the catalyst he needs to make a change in his working life. You can also consider giving him more responsibility. Asking him to keep an eye on others’ performance may spur him on to taking his own more seriously.

Point Out The Potential

While it’s easy to just see the problems in troublesome employees, particularly if they don’t get along with their colleagues, if they are particularly good at their jobs it’s worth investing some time to smooth out interdepartment spats.

Employees who struggle to take constructive criticism about their performance might respond well with a calm, fact-focused face-to-face meeting.

Letting your employee know that their skills are recognized and that they have management potential will make it easier for them to hear that they also need to work on their ability to take advice and build good relationships.

Bring Out Hidden Talents

A quiet employee doesn’t mean an unproductive employee. While she may not get many complaints you have one employee who’s hard to pin down. She works diligently but is so quiet you wouldn’t know she was there. She also refuses all invitations to socialise with colleagues.

David Jones, a senior content manager at Writinity, said: “These quiet but hard working employees often harbor hidden talents and should be treated as potential managers. Offer them a chance at managing someone and some training in an area that might bring her out of herself and train others. It’s often well worth taking the time to do so.”

Whatever issues you face with your troublesome employees, by using a few tried and tested management techniques you’ll soon be well on your way to bringing out the very best in your workforce.

A happy, productive department works well in your favour and reflects the success in your management style.

Entrepreneur and content marketing specialist Martina Sanchez works at
Lucky Assignments. She spends her time updating her blog with SEO tips and tricks, as well as her guide to digital marketing. Martina also writes articles on subjects connected to all things marketing.


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