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Staying Connected in a Remote Work World

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Working from home is now the reality for a majority of employees across the United States (and the globe!). It's a quick transition for many but is not without its share of pitfalls. If you're an employer or manager and worry about remote work impacting your team's cohesion and productivity, there are ways to stay connected. With a bit of creativity, you can help maintain social norms while employees work from home.

Adapt existing team rituals

I'm sure you have daily rituals in the office with your team. Now that some folks are working virtually, it's a good idea to adapt these existing practices to keep your team connected. Consider the following:

Morning and afternoon video calls

Consider having your employees check in via Zoom at a specific time each day. These video conference calls allow people to catch up, share what they want to accomplish that day, ask questions, get feedback, or share how their day went. This is a great way to stay connected and establish a similar dynamic to being in the office together.

Lunch meetings

If your employees usually get lunch together or meet in the company cafeteria, consider suggesting a virtual lunch meeting once during the week. Some folks may wish to take the time to log off for their much-needed break, but others may miss connecting over lunch. Send out a message to your team to gauge interest, select a restaurant, and then send a meeting invite so everyone knows the plan.

Shared activities

Shared activities can be as simple as sharing an article and getting input, attending the same webinar training, or even an online game. Shared activities don't have to be anything significant but they'll help your team stay connected and bond. 


Working remote requires employees to be overly transparent about what they're working on. It requires a lot of trust from employers, so be sure to let employees know they should communicate early and often about workload.

It also means employers need to make sure remote employees receive essential updates. Be sure to post announcements via email, digital chat platforms, and whatever else your company uses to communicate, such as weekly team meetings. 

It's helpful to keep tabs on everyone, and a daily video conference is a great option. Video conferences keep people connected as well as provide a personal touch audio calls lack.

Check in frequently

 It may seem like overkill, but any updates or changes to your business will be greatly appreciated by your staff. Contact is essential, so make it a daily rhythm to keep your employees in the loop.

Set schedules

Set a clear timeline of when employees should be accessible. A good rule of thumb is to stick to the schedule you would typically expect if people were working in the office. The regular workday timeline should still apply; just because employees have their work computer and software at home does not mean they should be accessible around the clock.

Share accomplishments and goals

Employers and employees both should share any accomplishments or wins from the day or week. Take the time to pass on positive information to keep spirits high. Working from home provides an opportunity to get caught up on training or certificates valuable to your position. If there are any training or learning opportunities you've been neglecting, now is a great time to get caught up. 

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