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The Value of an Integrated Time & Attendance Software

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An integrated time and attendance software can provide value and ROI for your business. For instance, a robust timekeeping software that can handle timekeeping exceptions, multiple schedules, and generate different reports will provide insights and valuable data to your business and your employees. Let’s examine how. 

Timekeeping Exceptions

An integrated time and attendance software should be able to give company administrators an overview of how to track and calculate employee time. This is where you put together those rounding rules, exceptions, overtime rules, and more. As the administrator, you should be able to edit punches and create notes, so you can set reminders such as “forgot to punch out” or “left early for a family emergency” or whatever the case may be. Exceptions to normal punches alert an approver if the employee has any abnormal punches. Exceptions will flag any employee that clocks outside of their scheduled time or forgets to clock in all together. When the employee clocks in outside the allotted time frame, or forgets to clock in all together, the approver will be notified. From there you can decide to approve the time or adjust it, and if this is a persistent problem you can speak to the employee and sort out the root of the issue.

The healthcare industry is a common example of exceptions to normal time and attendance policies. If you’re struggling to calculate hours for your healthcare staff, we’ve got you covered.

Dominion’s Time & Attendance lets you structure your exceptions and rounding rules to tailor them to exactly what you need. Dominion has a three to five-week process of implementation which includes an informative setup call with our installations team. During this call, we go through and narrow in on precisely what your company structure needs in order to calculate and track employee time accurately. We also give you the ability to run reports on system punches, system notes, and more. So you can export this data and track it for your supervisors who may not have access to that information.


An integrated time and attendance system should let you efficiently manage employee schedules while mitigating red flags that might otherwise pop up if you call somebody off, ask somebody to come in early, or make other necessary adjustments. With Dominion’s Time & Attendance, there are multiple ways to schedule your employees.

We have a Quick Schedule option that makes it easy to schedule all your employees. It allows you to view your employees and make sure you have the coverage you need, and if you have staggered employees you can verify that you have sufficient coverage all day. If somebody calls in sick, you can see who else is available to work, who is on vacation, or who is already working. Then, when you find somebody to cover the shift, you can simply add them onto the schedule and not have to worry about that person being flagged when they clock in.

The Company Schedules option is a good way to schedule shifts that are pretty straight forward and don’t move around often. All three options are available for you, so you can utilize the one that best suits your needs.


One of the best ways a time and attendance system can provide value to your business is its ability to run useful and accurate reports.

Dominion’s reporting system is very useful for collecting information such as a weekly hour summary. One of the most popular reports generated for our Time & Attendance system is the Approaching Overtime report. Company administrators can use this report to keep track of their employees and see who may be consistently getting overtime. Other popular reports include Employee Exemptions and Missing Punches. All of these standard reports are available for you at any time. Dominion also lets its customers build custom reports which allow you to put together reports that produce the specific data that you need. Once you create the template, you can rerun the report at any time.

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