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Understanding Geofencing

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You’ve most likely heard of geofencing (and the benefits it can bring), but what is it exactly? A geofence is a virtual boundary around a specific location that records when someone on a mobile device enters or exits that boundary. It is, quite simply, an invisible fence. Geofencing is used in a variety of ways, too. A prime example is receiving a text alert on your phone when you are in a store, and there is an offer for a specific product. You get the text message because you are near that product in the store. For this blog, we will look at geofencing as it applies to tracking and recording employee time.  

Dominion’s Geofencing feature uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to record locations. With Dominion, location data is ONLY used to record and display where a punch occurred and nothing more. It is essential to explain to employees that their location data is used solely to record a punch location.  

Geofencing works great for employees who need to record time from various locations or are working remotely. Geofencing allows employees to punch in and out from their mobile devices, giving them a safe and personal punch method. It can eliminate costly time clock hardware and/or the reliance on kiosk devices, such as laptops, to record employee time. Since employees use their own smartphones, there is no need to sanitize a time clock or computer in between punches. 

As with any technology, there are some considerations to keep in mind when using geofencing. Each device has a margin of error unique to that make and model. This means that GPS is relatively accurate at giving you an exact location for that employee’s punch within just a few feet. Keep this in mind when reviewing punches on time cards.

The other caveat is that employees using their own device, not a company-owned one, have the option to turn location services on or off. It goes without saying that location services need to be on for Dominion Mobile (our app) to record the punch location. If an employee chooses not to share their location, then Dominion can still record their punch; however, their punches will not have a location to display.

The benefits of using geofencing to record employee punches outweigh the technology drawbacks. To recap, here is a list of benefits:

  • Geofencing can replace costly time clocks
  • Eliminates the need for kiosk devices, providing a safe and personal punch method
  • Displays punch locations in case of an emergency or issue
  • Ideal for employees that travel to different job sites and a remote workforce

Dominion’s Geofencing feature works seamlessly with our Time and Attendance and Payroll platforms. It allows supervisors and administrators to see punch locations on time cards. There is no minimum amount of employees required, and your company is only billed for the employees assigned to Geofencing.


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