What exactly is Dominion Systems?

We are a software company based in Grand Rapids, MI. Dominionsystems.com is our HRM software that enables businesses to do their payroll, time & attendance, and benefits administration in the cloud. Our all-in-one software helps businesses to become more automated by involving their employees in the HRM process. When companies use our software, they are able to cultivate and grow their culture in a way that helps both the employee and employer.


Our story begins in 1970 in the same city we reside today: Grand Rapids, Michigan. Originally a data processing company, we pivoted toward payroll in 1980. Ever since our first client signed on in 1975, we’ve loved alleviating the pain and confusion of payroll. Since that time much has changed in the world of payroll and how our clients handle that process. We’ve shifted from manual processes, to a DOS-based system, to a cloud-based platform that allows our clients the ease of a single-source solution for all their HR and payroll needs. Where we go next is centered on where you want to be.

What's next for Dominion?

Our biggest strength as a company has always been our ability to adapt with the needs of our clients. We are continually hosting user groups and doing our fair share of research in order to develop the products needed and desired by human resource and payroll professionals. Having our own team of software developers in-house allows us the freedom to quickly respond to client needs and turn out new product features without delay.  

Our goal is to provide the industry’s best human resource management software and customer service to our clients. By automating as many processes as possible through a cloud-based system, we strive to simplify the way your business operates the back office.