We have compiled a collection of our resources for all of your ACA reporting needs. Download a free ebook, watch a webinar, or read a number of blogs we have written to help you learn everything you need to know when tackling ACA this year-end. 


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Watch a webinar about ACA, where Dominion's Product Strategist Claire Manz offers a collections of tips and tricks to make your ACA reporting process run smoothly. 


Download our free eBook on ACA reporting, which outlines exactly what ACA is, what has changed since last year, who is required to report, and some information on how to do so.

Download this two-page ACA form to get an overview of 1094 & 1095 reporting in a quick, easy to read document that is available right at your fingertips.  


*Don't have the time or attention span to commit to a whole eBook? That's ok! We created a Quick Facts sheet with all the essential information that can be found here.


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ACA Series 2016

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Brush up on what the Line 14 and 16 Codes mean for you.

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Get the ins and outs of the 1094 Transmittal Form.

Best Practices for ACA Reporting 2016

Learn the step-by-step process for filing for ACA this year.

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