Payroll Features

Unlimited Users

There is no limit to the amount of administrators you can have in the software.

Mobile Access

Make adjustments to payroll or access important documents on the go. 

Automatic Tax Payments

Your local, state, and federal taxes are paid on your behalf when you submit your payroll.

Collaborate Across Departments

Work with your payroll admin, HR generalist, or CPA easily using our software.

Multiple Pay Options

Choose from direct deposit, checks, or pay cards for your employees.

Single Sign-On

With our software you only need one username to access all your features.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Our clients have access to support via phone, email, or chat, making it easier than ever to get the answers you need when you need them. 

Leave Paper Behind 

With the option to email reports, pay via direct deposit, and get electronic W-2s, you'll have no reason to print personnel files.

Expert Guidance

Aside from our support team, you will have access to our software trainers for no-cost additional training whenever you need it. 

Total Compliance

Whether you're worried about tax payments or filing for the Affordable Care Act, we have you covered. 

Professional Implementation

The process of switching providers can be daunting; let our installations team help you get all that important information transferred for a smooth conversion.

Centralized Data

From pay rates to time off, our software is your go-to for anything employee related. 

Same Day Payroll

Run your payroll and have your employees paid the very next day.

Multiple Pay Frequencies

Run your payroll your way by enabling various pay frequencies for different cost centers. 

New Hire Reporting

Never again will you worry about reporting your new hires to the government.

Schedule Pay Stub Emails

Employees can receive their pay stubs via email every single pay day.

Time & Attendance Features

Payroll Sync

Hours that flow directly into payroll, eliminating the need for dual entry and the possibility of human error. 


No need to wonder if someone worked a certain shift or took time off, it is all tracked in the software.

Multiple Input Options

Choose between biometric time clocks, PC punching, or mobile punching.

Reports to Inform Scheduling

Pull reports to gain insight to which employees are approaching overtime.

Group Schedules

Group scheduling allows managers to easily create and edit weekly schedules in a fraction of the time it used to take. Quickly gauge employee availability and fill open shifts with the click of a button.

Points & Incidents

Quickly assign points based on employees punch behavior; tardy and missing punches will be used to create an incident report for managers and supervisors. 

Overtime Compliance

Overtime hours are automatically calculated at their appropriate rate.

Time Off 

Employees can request time off online whether it is for paid time off, a sick day, etc, it is all accessible online. 

HR & Benefits Administration Features

Benefits Administered Electronically

During open enrollment your employees can shop and review benefit plans through their employee self-service.

Set Up Open Enrollment

Upload plans, add in providers, and set your company open enrollment period all from an easy to use dashboard. 

Document Management

Upload important employee files or attachments such as your company handbook or new hire documents.

Benefit Plans Deductions

When an employee selects their benefits, their payroll will be updated to deduct the amount needed to cover their health benefits. 

OSHA Reporting

All injuries and illnesses logged in OSHA Reporting will can be exported and sent directly to the appropriate parties. 

Global Changes

Easily make department wide or company wide changes such as pay-rate,  pay frequency, deductions, and more. 

Benefits Packages

Easily assign plans to a benefit package to offer to all employees or a select group.


Employee Self-service features

Access to Information

Employees can access to pay stubs, time off balances, W-2s, and more. 

Check Punches

Clock in or out, or simply check your punch history.

Check Schedules

Employees can quickly access their schedule via computer, tablet, or phone. 

Update Records

Employees can update records such as emergency contacts, tax withholding rates, and even pick benefit plans. 

Shop Benefits

During open enrollment employees can shop and compare benefit plan options.

Historical Reports

Access to reports such as wage history, paycheck history, W-2s, and more. 

Applicant Tracking System Features

Qualify Applicants

Quickly determine qualification by setting up parameters in the job posting.

Built-in Analytics

See your turnover rate, average time to hire, and rejection reasons all displayed on your admin dashboard.

Assign Tasks

Task others in your company to reach out to set up interviews, send out an offer letter, and more. 

Customize Workflows

Build your own hiring workflow for different job postings so you always know the next step in your interview process.

Automatic Correspondence

Sent automated email correspondence to applicants once they have submitted their application.

Organize By Status

With categories such as 'applicants', 'reviewed', candidates', 'rejected', you will know exactly who is up for the job and who needs further review.

Unlimited Postings

There is no limit to the amount of jobs you can post at one time. 

Streamline Hiring

Once you choose the perfect candidate you can transfer their information to Onboarding and begin setting them up as a new employee.

ACA Reporting Features

FTE Calculator

See which employees are eligible for health care coverage under the ACA regulations. 

ALE Status

Find out if your company qualifies as an 'Applicable Large Employer' in the eyes of ACA. 

View Progress

Convenient status bar to show how much progress you've made for each form of ACA.

Notice of Errors

Find out if you have errors on your forms before submitting them to the IRS.

Onboarding Features

Custom Tasks

Create your own 'New Hire Checklist' to ensure all steps of the onboarding process are completed.

Setup Payment Preference

Employees can choose their preferred method of payment during their self-onboarding process.

Complete Documents Online

New hires can complete all their new hire employment documents electronically. 

Transfer Employee Information

All information entered into onboarding will automatically carry over to payroll and ESS.


Set Due Dates for Admin Tasks

Assign tasks to other administrators and attach a due date for completion.


Set Tax Filing Preferences

Selections for Federal, State, and Local tax authorities.

Direct Deposit 

New employees can input their direct deposit information.