About Adventure Credit Union




Why Us:


Grand Rapids, MI


ROI, Efficiency, Simplicity

When I call in I honestly feel confident that you all know what you are talking about and that’s comforting. The staff is always friendly and helpful; no one gets frustrated when we ask the same questions.
— Megan Anthony

Return on Investment

In making the transition from ADP to Dominion, Adventure Credit Union was able to cut down on the cost of running their back office without sacrificing functionality. Since they pair Payroll with Time & Attendance they’ve been able to cut down on dual entry and have a fully integrated platform to handle the needs of their office staff.

Superior Customer Service

When using ADP, Megan noted that they had to call several times before getting their questions answered. More often than not, each call yielded a different answer, creating more confusion than clarity. Since switching to Dominion she has been able to get her questions answered in a much more efficient manner.

The Dominion Difference

It became apparent that Adventure Credit Union needed to start shopping payroll after one too many mistakes with ADP. While they did meet with other companies, they chose Dominion due to the industry knowledge and expertise presented throughout the sales process. “Starting with Dominion was very easy. We had a master control from ADP that we gave to the Installations department at Dominion and they took care of it all. There was minimal work on my part.”

We’ve been able to increase our efficiency by using Dominion. Managers and staff understand the software, which has made HR’s life much easier. It empowers the staff to take care of their own stuff and not have to wait on us.
— Megan Anthony