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Grand Rapids, MI


In-House Software Programmers, Reporting, Accessibility, Adjustments

A couple months ago I submitted a payroll and after the fact noticed something was wrong. I was able to stop the process with the click of a
button, saving myself a lot of work to correct the payment.
— Ruth Sheehan

Time for a Change

Before making the switch to Dominion, the payroll professionals at Amstore Corporation were using Paychex to process payroll. Frustrations with the report writer, lack of automation, and outdated software led them to start shopping for different payroll providers. After a demonstration with Dominion and a tour of the facility they were won over by the in-house team of software programmers and the usability of the software. Ruth Sheehan mentioned that they enjoyed touring the facilities and seeing first hand the amount of technology their IT department has.

Needed Improvements


Noting earlier how much of a frustration the Paychex report writer was, Amstore is happy to note that they are able to quickly produce reports needed to inform their business decisions.

Being able to access the software, even when the weather didn’t permit travel to the office, was a big win for Amstore. With Paychex they ran payroll through an installed software that only permitted payroll to be processed on the computer which the software was installed.

Reasons for Recommending

When asked to share a positive experience they had with the software, Amstore shared that they like having the ability to quickly adjust a payroll if a mistake has been made. The responsiveness to the customer was also noted as a big selling point for Amstore. “I love the chat feature. If I’m in the middle of a payroll and have a question I can click on the chat and get an answer immediately.” -Ruth Sheehan

We mostly use the standard reports within the system, but if we need a custom report we can generate one very quickly. If we’re not sure how to create the report based on the information we need, we call into Dominion and they are always very willing to help.
— Ruth Sheehan