Dominion’s Applicant Tracking System allows hiring managers to easily vet potential candidates, store qualified applicants, and slash the time it takes to hire new employees. Our software lets you connect with Indeed, run hiring analytics, and move candidates through the process with intuitive email correspondence.

Get it all for only $65 a month.

Customized Hiring Workflow

Customized Hiring Workflow

Our system allows you to customize and match the software to meet your hiring process.

Qualify all of your candidates.

Qualify All of your Candidates

View candidates qualifications at a glance by flagging important questions.

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Integrated with indeed apply

Dominion’s Applicant Tracking Software is fully integrated with Indeed. When a job is created on ATS, it will be sent directly to Indeed where it can be discovered by countless job seekers .

Instant Analytics

Instant Analytics

With our software you'll gain important hiring information such as; average amount of time it takes to hire, turnover percentage, rejection reasons and more.

Task Reminders


The 'My Tasks' feature will allow you to task yourself and others to follow up with candidates, thus streamlining communication and smoothing out the hiring process.

Unlimited Users

There are many key players involved in the hiring process. By offering unlimited users we can make sure that everyone who needs access to the software, has it.  

Our team can help simplify your process and get your business set up with the right solutions for your needs.