10 HR Tech Disruptions for 2018

At Dominion, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the most up-to-date and relevant information pertinent to the HR industry. This article was written by Ashley Lipman from On The Clock and was published with their permission.

The world of HR doesn’t always move fast, but today it’s picking up the pace. As technology continues to change the way all industries function, Human Resources has faced many changes both inside and out. This is good news for companies that need to run smoothly from start to finish. What exactly can we expect to see in the next few years? These are the top HR tech game-changers that are disrupting the future of Human Resources.

1. Cloud Solutions

While in the past companies decided if they planned to switch to cloud-based HR, today it’s just the name of the game. Larger companies take longer to transition to cloud-based systems, but it’s only a matter of time before everyone has caught up. Cloud solutions offer more flexibility for both employees and management. They provide greater flexibility in the workplace and more security options.

2. Digital Scheduling

Gone are the days of submitting written requests for time off directly to HR. Now, employe scheduling software offers a productive solution for both employees and HR managers. While in the past it was up to HR to review all request for time off or scheduling manually, today it can be done electronically in a few clicks. This means there is more time to work on more productive things.

3. Performance Management

While performance management was something that was easy to sweep under the rug in years past, it’s a big part of HR today. New research suggests employees perform better when they have regular reviews and opportunities for feedback from higher-ups. More HR managers are making these practices a priority and scheduling them into yearly goals. By utilizing tools like Reflektive that provide real-time feedback, companies can thrive from the inside out.

4. Corporate Learning

Companies are finding new ways to make advanced learning easier than ever before. These are known as modern-day LMS platforms that are developed using artificial intelligence to anticipate new skills for employees. These tools are breeding a highly-educated generation of employees across industries.

5. Employee Recruitment Tools

Recruiting highly-performing employees has long been a practice of HR, and new tech tools make it easier than ever to find the right candidates fast. With automated tracking systems and assessment tools, recruiting has never been easier. By finding the best candidates the first time, HR professionals have more time to dedicate to selecting the best employee from this curated pool.

6. Wellness Management

Companies are beginning to take a greater interest in the well-being of their employees. Wellness tools help employees do their best to stay healthy and mindful. By integrating health initiatives with popular fitness trackers and programs, HR managers are able to introduce a new level of success for employees.

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7. Analytics

Maintaining accurate records about the companies progress and trends is becoming automated. AI tools are able to stay on top of changes to employment numbers, retention, and even employee feedback. Because these tasks are automated, they’re both more accurate and less time-consuming.

8. Productivity

Instead of basing employee performance on things like how many hours spent at the office, they’re starting to be based on actual productivity. For example, employees are no longer required in many offices to stay the traditional 9-5 hours. Instead, they have more freedom, as long as they’re able to complete their allotted tasks on time and accurately.

9. Outsourcing

There has been an increase in outsourcing within companies for both HR and other positions. This is why most HR teams have shrunk in the past few years. Technology makes it possible for many of the HR tasks to be performed remotely or through an outside agency. Now, it’s normal for companies to utilize an agency as entire marketing department instead of hiring their own full-time staff. This is great for small businesses which might need a dedicated staff member for these daily routines.

10. Innovative Professionals

Finally, HR managers and employees themselves are taking the initiative to explore new technology. Since they are the backbone of all organizations, they’re on the front lines of new ideas and new practices. Because of them, there have been so many positive improvements already in the world of HR, and it only will go up from here.  

The current state of business is one of constant evolution. Things change fast, and that’s true for any industry. Technology pushes organizations to make positive changes that affect all employees, especially HR. These tech changes above are disrupting the industry for good. Only time will tell what comes next.