10 Life-Hacks to Improve Productivity for Business Owners

Owning your own business is one job you can’t leave at the door when you get home. Being a business owner or CEO requires your availability and attention even while away from the office. This means that you have to maintain your productivity level to its fullest potential 100% of the time. Consider these 10 life-hacks that will help you keep the gears moving, even on your most unmotivated days.

1. Automate As Much As Possible

Take the time to identify what pieces of the work process are slowing your business down. From there you should figure out what can be done to streamline those processes and get them out of the way. Take advantage of technology to help with these problems or perhaps designate one worker to manage the outliers that bog down your system.

2. Put Away Distractions When Deadlines Approach

When it comes time to get to work and really hammer out some tasks, the best thing to do for yourself is to stay distraction-free. Keep minimal browser tabs open, turn off your phone, and do not engage in non-priority discussions. Stay focused in a quiet space where you can concentrate on the matters at hand.

3. Work in Non-Office Environments

Of course you need to have a consistent presence in the main office where you can stay connected and be approached with in-person questions. However, you should make a point to take a break at least once a week to work elsewhere. Doing so will help spark creativity and prevent burnouts from occurring. Extend this tip to the rest of your staff if possible and find if productivity is raised.

4. Start with the Undesirable Tasks First 

Getting your least desirable tasks out of the way before you tackle others will alleviate a lot of stress for you. All of your tasks need to get done, but avoiding the difficult ones will only drag down productivity and motivation. Check them off your list and don’t think of them again.

5. Have a Clear Agenda in Mind for your Meetings

Never agree to a meeting that doesn’t absolutely require your input. It’s good to stay knowledgeable of work related occurrences, but realize that as a business owner, your time is extremely valuable. When calling for your own meeting, be sure to have a clear agenda defined before bringing staff together. Stay on topic and to the point to eliminate the opportunity for side-conversations and off-topic discussions. 

Check out these four ways to run your meetings more efficiently, which includes a free infographic!     

6. Get Exercise

In the instance of work-life benefits, exercise on a consistent basis provides an increase in your daily energy overall. On top of that, exercising burns up the hormone called cortisol, which is a hormone released in excess of stress which can be very harmful to your health and draining of your mental abilities. Making time in your day for just 30 minutes of activity will make a noticeable difference in your life.

7. Utilize Voicemail

Just because the phone is ringing doesn’t mean you have to answer it right away. The greatest productivity hack is prioritization, and taking advantage of your voice mailbox will assist you in prioritizing what calls need to be returned, in what order, and how soon. Use this same concept for your emails and texts. Set aside some time during your work day to check through your messages, but unless the caller’s need is urgent, leave the phone down to weed out distractions.  

8. Ask for Help When You Need It

As a business owner, you pride yourself on your ability to get things done. But what happens when it’s all too much at once? Don’t let that pride get in the way of accomplishing the tasks at hand - ask for help when you need it. Your staff is there to support you with the intent of bettering the company and reaching its goals. Fall back on that trust factor you have with them and you will see success ignited.

9. Minimize Personal Social Media

Unless your personal social media accounts are used for marketing your company’s brand, make an effort to avoid checking and posting on Facebook and Twitter feeds. Social media is no doubt a heavy distraction for many people, so try to designate it to hours after work.

10. Chew Gum

Studies have suggested that chewing gum can improve memory and creative brainpower. The motion is said to “warm up the brain,” so to speak, with an increase in blood flow to the head. In addition, peppermint has been found to stimulate concentration and help sustain focus on tasks. Having a pack of peppermint gum could be handy when you need that extra boost.

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