10 Tips for New HR Professionals

The following is a guest contribution from Mary Whitman. Mary is a writer and editor based in Adelaide, South Australia. In her spare time, she likes to talk about Art and Sustainable Development.

As all industries are getting more advanced and more fast-paced than ever, the need for discovering and hiring talent is getting more important, too. HR professionals are essential for the progress of any organization. It’s an attractive profession for anyone with great communication skills and a gift for forming proper first impressions.

If you just became an HR professional, you know you have a long way to go. The unemployment rate in this profession is only 2.2%, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a great job straight away and remain there forever. This job holds the 12th spot on the list of best business jobs, so it’s clear that the competition is tough and you have to keep growing.

As a beginner, you probably need tips that will set you off to a good start. These are 10 great tips you could really use:

1. Choose Your HR Specialization

If you just identify yourself as an HR specialist, that won’t be enough to give you a focused direction. If, on the other hand, you become a master of one area, you’ll distinguish yourself from the competition.

Some of the most important HR specialties include:

  • Compensation and benefits manager

  • Training and development specialist

  • Employment, recruitment, and placement specialist

  • HRIS (human resources information system) analyst

  • Employee assistance plan manager

Even if your current job has a broad focus, you should still become a specialist in a single area if you want to get a job at a larger and more successful organization.

2. Master All Skills that Make You Proficient in Your Job

Be ready; there will be quite a checklist for you to handle:

  • Superb organizational and time-management skills

  • Self-discipline

  • Focus

  • Multitasking

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Creative and critical thinking skills

  • Great negotiations skills

  • Ability to inspire and motivate other people

  • Transparency

Let’s not forget writing, too! You’ll have to write emails, reports, and presentations on a daily basis. Sure; you can hire a writing and editing service like AssignmentGeek.com.au to handle that part of your job, but it will be much easier for you if you simply practice and master the skill of writing.

3. Be a Creative Influencer

You don’t want to be someone who simply accepts orders from higher management levels and acts accordingly. You want to be a game-changer. The most successful HR specialists have a rare gift of changing the way HR strategies work. They constantly discover creative approaches to recruitment and training.

Don’t get stuck in the same old scheme forever. Be an innovator! That will make you an influencer, but will also make your job much more interesting.

4. Always Be Transparent

The policy of transparency should be at the top of your list. Whenever you make new decisions, all staff members should be informed about them. When you hire someone new, you should be transparent about the factors that led to that decision. When you decide to let someone go, you should explain exactly why that happened, so the ones who remain on the team will know what mistakes to avoid in the future.

You must be transparent regarding everyone’s performance and you should be very open with all judgments that lead to professional decisions.

5. Stretch People’s Limits

Encouraging your employees to do their best is part of your job description as an HR specialist. To help everyone achieve their full potential, you must know how to slightly stretch their limits and push them outside their comfort zone.

6. Boost Your Network

Where do you find the best talent? Nowadays, LinkedIn and social media are your windows to the world. So you have to use them well! Expand your network with contacts from your industry.

In addition, you should start connecting with HR professionals. That’s a great way to boost your skills and knowledge and build business connections. Better job opportunities will arise only if you work for them.

7. Expand Your Knowledge of the Industry

If you don’t understand the industry that your company is a part of, you cannot expect to attract and hire the ultimate human capital and help those workers grow.

If, for example, you’re an HR specialist working in a hospital, you have to know how the medical industry works so you’ll know where to search for the best talent. You’ll have to support these workers throughout their growth with appropriate training, so you absolutely need to know what they do. You cannot isolate your profession from the mission of the organization.

8. You Have to Be Discreet

Your job is to act like the link between the employees and the management. When an employee comes to you in confidence, you’ll have to handle the disclosed information with discretion. If, for example, someone tells you about two people from the team having an affair during working hours, you must never reveal the source of such information while solving the issue.

9. Maintain Contact with Your Mentor

No matter how good you are at this, you absolutely need someone to learn from. Even the most successful performers in any profession have their mentors. HR specialists are no exception from that rule.

As a beginner, you clearly have someone who teaches you how to handle things in human resources. Keep that connection strong. Find other mentors across the industry and they will give you the directions you need.

10. Use Technology

You have to be tech-savvy and handle all new tools like a pro. First of all, an HR professional must know their way around applicant tracking systems. You also have to handle social media. Plus, you’ll need a system to track time and attendance, employee performance, scheduling, and more. Technology is your friend!

We’ll be honest with you: it takes a lot of work to make progress as an HR professional. But you chose this profession because it’s fun and it gives you chances for growth, so you’re ready to do the work, right?

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Mary Whitman is a writer and editor based in Adelaide, South Australia.