3 Benefits of Setting Up Employee Self Service Onboarding For Your New Hires

It is common knowledge that HR professionals have many tasks they have to complete every day. These include recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and retention, just to name a few. Luckily, modern technology advancements have helped make these tasks less time-consuming and more efficient.

For example, HR professionals used to have to sift through piles and piles of paper resumes and pull the ones they believed would be a good fit and go from there. Now, technology allows applicants to upload digital resumes, allowing HR professionals to type in specific keywords and filter all resumes accordingly, saving them time and making the recruiting process a little bit easier. When it comes to onboarding new hires, it used to take a lot of paperwork and forms to be completed by both the new employee and the employer. Thanks to technology, this process has become close to 100% paperless.

What’s more, HR professionals barely have to be part of the onboarding process anymore because employees can use Employee Self Service (ESS) Onboarding and upload all necessary forms and finish the process at any time from anywhere they can access the internet. Using the right ESS software has made it possible to onboard your new hires quicker and easier than ever before, allowing your HR department to increase their productivity.

Better Communication

Did you know that a good ESS Onboarding software allows you to task your new hires and send them messages without having to email them or meet with them in person? A lot of the problems related to the onboarding process stem from miscommunication, which is why investing in a trusted ESS Onboarding software is a good idea.

Not only does it allow you to task employees out, but it also helps employees and the HR department know how far along they are in the process. Another great tool included in ESS Onboarding software is “Payment Preference”. Here, employees can choose their preferred method of payment, and they can even set up their direct deposit on their own.

Stay Compliant & Eliminate Dual Entry

The main focus of ESS Onboarding is having accurate employee information. When hiring a new employee, the HR department needs to make sure they have specific information in order to keep the business compliant.

Before, when there was tons of paper involved in the onboarding process, it took hours or even days to manually enter all that data into the payroll system. What’s worse, papers and forms would easily get lost or damaged, making the process last even longer. Now, ESS Onboarding software allows your employees to electronically sign and upload all needed forms such as I-9s and W-4s. They can also enter all their personal information such as address, social security number, email, phone number, and so on.

What’s more, ESS Onboarding software allows you to easily transfer all employee information into your payroll software, as long as they can connect seamlessly. Because of this, I recommend looking into an ESS Onboarding software such as Dominion’s. Dominion’s software provides and all-in-one platform for all your payroll and HR processes. This means that all data flows seamlessly and directly into payroll, eliminating dual data entry between different platforms.

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Increase Employee Engagement

Overloading new hires from day one with their new employment documents, training sessions, and numerous introductions to new faces can force them to mentally check out after a while. As mentioned before, with ESS Onboarding, the employee can complete the essential forms on their own time.

ESS Onboarding software allows HR managers to create their own custom pages for employees to fill out, allowing new hires to undergo certain pieces of training before they even start. This is an excellent way to ensure your new hires have a relaxing, stress-free first day where they feel comfortable engaging with your staff and aren’t overwhelmed with information. Want some more tips on how to properly onboard your employees? Download our most recent ebook “The Secret to Onboarding Success”, to nurture strong employees from day one.

ESS Onboarding software not only benefits your HR department, but it is guaranteed that your employees will love it because they will be given more control over their careers and information. If you are interested in seeing how Dominion’s Employee Self Service and Onboarding software can benefit your organisation, request a demo below!