3 Cases You Can Make to Sell Your Boss on HR Software

The value of HR software can be hard to define initially. For those who use it every day, the value is very apparent, but for those who aren’t as heavily involved as the end users, the value might take a little longer to see. So, how does an HR generalist or a payroll professional go about showing their manager how important HR software can be? Let’s take a look at three cases you can make to sell your boss on HR software and get the tools you need to do your job more efficiently.

1. Streamline Your Processes

The initial impression of HR software is that it simply handles your HR processes, but it does much more than that. HR software aides in your payroll processing, time & attendance, applicant tracking, HR & benefits, and allows your workforce instant access to their information. An all-encompassing platform will allow your software to integrate together, making your job less manual. For example, when your payroll and time & attendance softwares are connected, information will flow seamlessly between the two. This eliminates mindless dual entry and lets you focus on more important tasks.  

2. Save Time & Money

Sometimes the price associated with HR software can be a bit of a shock, but when you look at the dividends it pays out you’ll see it can end up paying for itself in the long run. By turning traditionally manual work into automated processes, you’ll allow more time to handle different aspects of your day. Having a software in place to handle your payroll and HR functions also means there is less chance for human error when calculating hours worked and overtime pay. You’ll also have a team of experts on hand to keep you up-to-date on any new compliance laws that are relevant to your business. This way you can avoid any fines or penalties for errors you may otherwise not be aware of making. 

3. Delight Your Employees

Nothing makes people happier than being in charge. HR Software puts employees in control of their information with an Employee Self Service portal. This allows them to view their pay stubs, request time off, check their schedules, update benefit selections, and more all from one single platform. This also eliminates the need for HR to ‘hand hold’ when it comes to getting employees signed up for benefits, or simply getting their recent pay stubs. 

One last tip, before you go and present your case to your boss, make sure to do your research on different software providers. Being prepared will only make it easier for you if and when you get the green light to implement new HR software.

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