3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid During Your Onboarding Process

When candidates are interviewing for a position within your company, they try their best to make a good first impression with you. Once you decide on a candidate and hire them, it becomes your turn to make a good impression on them. You can do this by creating a good onboarding process. There is a lot of research out there on tips to creating an effective onboarding process, but have you heard of the common mistakes people make? Here are a few mistakes you should avoid during the onboarding process.

Mistake #1: Moving Too Fast

It is common knowledge that some people are fast learners, and some are not. When onboarding a new hire, make sure you don’t go through important material too quickly. You should take it step by step and always ask the new hire of they have any questions. Sometimes, a new hire might be too shy to ask the person training them to slow down, or to repeat something, so you have to be aware of this and always make sure you ask if the employees need any clarification. By doing this, you are showing your new employees that you care about them, while also helping them understand and know that they can trust you.

Just like there are slow learners, there are fast learners. Keep in mind that most people start a new job because they want to expand their skill set and gain more knowledge in whatever field they are in, so if your new hires feel like they are not learning anything new during their onboarding process, then this will leave a bad impression on them. At Dominion, we hand new hires a book about the Fundamentals of Payroll and ask all new hires to read it and take a series of quizzes and a final test to prove they have learned about the payroll industry. I will admit, some people hate going through this process because, let’s face it, not everyone is fascinated by payroll. Handing out information about your industry and your company to your new hires is a great way to help them learn more about the industry they will be working in and understand more about your company. But remember, don’t rush things. Instead, have a reasonable timeline for new hires to finish reading the material you gave them.

Mistake #2: Providing Too Much Information

The onboarding process is the perfect time to educate your new hires about your company and train them in any software they will be using. Large companies sometimes have half-day or even day-long orientations, where new hires are given large amounts of information they’re expected to remember. This is one of the most common mistakes done during the onboarding process. Just imagine going to your first day of work at a company and having to sit in 10 different presentations during the day! It’s like going back to highschool, except you cannot fall asleep behind your classmate like you did during History class!

Instead of making this mistake, try making the first day as smooth and relaxing as possible. It should be your priority to make the new hires feel like they just moved into their new home. After all, this is where they will spend most of their time!  So forget about the long presentations and focus on having everything ready for your new hires, at least for the first day. Remember, making a good first impression is crucial during the onboarding process. After the first day, try to prioritize the most important things, such as setting expectations and introducing objectives.

Mistake #3: Using Paper Documentation

Let’s face it, the world is becoming paperless by the minute. Companies are now realizing the power of the cloud, and are switching their processes to accommodate to it. There many obvious benefits of becoming paperless, but the most important one that relates to the onboarding process is security.

When you bring a new hire into your company, they are required to share a lot of personal information with you, such a social security number, address, and phone number. When this information is on paper, it may end up in the wrong hands. By using a paperless, cloud-based process, you can ensure that the employee’s information is safe and accessible by the right people at any time. One of the benefits of Dominion’s onboarding software is that all information entered by employees will automatically carry over to you payroll software and their employee self-service portal. Employees can also choose their preferred method of payment, and they can even input their direct deposit information.

If you found that you are guilty of making one or more of these mistakes during your onboarding process, then Dominion may be the right solution for you. Click here to learn more about our Onboarding software, or schedule a personalized demo now!