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3 Components to Consider When Tracking Time and Attendance in Michigan

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HR managers have a lot to keep track of when it comes to time and attendance. From timesheets to approving vacation, sick time, volunteer time off, and more, the process of accurate timekeeping is complicated.

Correctly managing hours can be hard enough, but HR managers also need to be aware of the latest regulations and laws to stay compliant, especially in Michigan. Let's examine a few components to ensure the best time and attendance practices.

Time Off Regulations

To correctly manage time and attendance in Michigan, you'll need to understand the rules, regulations, and laws related to time off.

These laws can be complex; it's often difficult to stay compliant, from mandated sick leave, required breaks, PTO, meal breaks, and so much more. The modern workplace consists of part-time and full-time employees, salary and hourly, freelancers, and contractors to make matters more complex. Regulations will be different based on the type of workforce you have. Let's break down a few basic time and attendance policies HR managers need to be aware of in Michigan.

Paid Time Off

Michigan law does not require employers to provide vacation benefits, either paid or unpaid. There are no federal laws requiring employers to give employees vacation time, paid or not, for holidays, sick time, or any other sort of holiday pay, either. It's entirely up to employers. However, while it may come as a surprise, employers essentially need to offer some form of PTO to attract and retain qualified employees.

If an employer elects to provide PTO, it must comply with the terms of its established policy or employment contract.

Family and Medical Leave

There are federal laws surrounding family and medical situations. Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the federal law requires unpaid job protection for:

  • Family military leave
  • Adoption
  • Pregnancy
  • Serious illness

Unlike other states, Michigan does not offer additional family or medical leave time (at least not mandated by state law). Employers may provide additional time depending on their company policies.

It's challenging to keep state and federal regulations straight. That's why it helps to partner with an accomplished HR and Payroll software that can drastically reduce the stress surrounding your employees' time and attendance management.

Michigan Laws on Military Leave

In Michigan, members of the United States military who are called to active service are entitled to take unpaid leave with the guarantee of reinstatement after their service has ended. Employees may also take time off for military instruction, encampment, or drills. Employers may not discriminate against employees based on their military service or involvement.

Michigan Laws on Jury Duty and Voting

Michigan law gives employees the right to take time off work to fulfill their civic duty of serving on a jury. Employers must allow employees to take time off without fear of repercussions. While time served on a jury is unpaid, specific rules apply to exempt, salaried employees. The law states that salaried, exempt employees are eligible for their normal pay rate unless they do not work for the entire week.

Michigan does not have any laws protecting an employee's right to take time off to vote.

Establish a Clear Time-Off Policy in Your Employee Handbook

On top of federal, state, and local laws stipulating required time off, nearly all companies offer some form of additional PTO to their employees. Let employees know what your time off policy is by clearing spelling it out in your employee handbook.

Not only will this eliminate confusion about eligible PTO and sick time, but a clear time-off policy will also clarify how the submission and approval process works. In turn, you'll be able to simplify how PTO affects an employee's time and attendance records.

Use a Trusted HR Software

A trusted HR software allows HR managers to easily track time and attendance, PTO, personal leave, and much more. Furthermore, SHRM suggests that all employers keep employee time records in an easily accessible manner in an audit. A professional HR and payroll platform will guarantee accurate and accessible time and attendance records.

Dominion's time and attendance offer a single-source solution, which means all hours flow directly into payroll, ensuring accurate and timely wages.

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