3 Effective Training Methods

One of the most important things hiring managers need to do for new hires is provide them with all the necessary materials and training they will need in order to perform their jobs properly. There are different methods available, but the main concern is figuring out which method is best for your employees. Some methods can be more cost effective than others, while other methods may offer better learning styles that your employees may be more accustomed to. Some of the methods that are most commonly used for training employees are instructor-led training, interactive training, and technology-based training. Whatever method you choose should be best suited to your company’s needs. 

Instructor-Led Training

Even though there have been many technological advances, instructor-led training (also known as “classroom training”) is still one of the most popular training techniques. A survey found that 50% of employees believe in-person training helps them retain more information, which makes sense since they can get their questions answered by the trainer as they are learning the material. Audio-visual aids are sometimes used, such as power point presentation or short videos, which can make the learning process easier and less tedious for the trainees. This method is a good choice when there is a large group of people to be trained.  

Interactive Training

Studies have shown that a large percentage of workers prefer to learn by actually looking at, or experiencing, what their tasks will be. Watching someone else perform, or even better, practicing what their day-to-day tasks will be, will help them build confidence and they will have a clear idea of what they should do. This training method includes coaching, which is less formal than other methods and provides more of a “one-on-one” experience from a trained professional. This method is most commonly used in companies that require machinery, such as factories and construction. It is best for employees to actually see and learn how to operate a machine, rather than just have someone tell them instructions that they may later forget.

Computer-Based Training

This training method is most effective for training employees that work remotely because it allows the trainee to learn in a comfortable environment, avoid distractions, and learn at their own pace. This training method is particularly helpful when training employees on a specific application or software, but it can also help to train on general knowledge and skills. According to multiple studies, the number of companies using computer-based training methods is increasing at a fast rate since the internet has become more accessible. 

When deciding which method to use, be sure to do some research and choose the method that best suits your company’s needs. Remember to make the learning process easy and enjoyable. Use attractive material, videos, sense of humor, and encourage participation. Keep in mind that new hires are under a lot of stress, so ensuring their transition from ‘candidate’ to ‘employee’ is smooth is very important. With Dominion’s new Onboarding feature you will have the ability to set a personalized experience for your new hires, which will reduce the amount of paperwork for you to complete and will automatically transfer all their information into your system. Right now, if you sign up by October 31, 2018 you will receive your first six months free!  For more information about our Onboarding feature, click here.