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3 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile HR App

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It’s challenging to keep up with the trends of the modern workforce. From requests to work from home, extended PTO policies, fringe benefits, and daily responsibilities, HR managers have a lot on their plate. Thankfully, there are tools like Dominion’s mobile app to keep your HR department connected to your employees. If you’re unsure if your organization needs an HR app, read on to learn how you can utilize it to your success.

According to a recent PEW study, 77% of Americans own a smartphone and use it to send texts, check email, run social media accounts, and even order groceries. So if you’re looking to connect and reach your employees, it makes sense to use a medium they’re comfortable and familiar with. Dominion Mobile lets employees set up a custom profile, clock in and out, and check their pay stubs. Dominion will add PTO requests, benefit access, and other capacities as we move forward. But these reasons aren't the only benefits in using an HR mobile application. Let’s review three reasons why your organization needs mobile HR access.

1. Easy employee self service access

A well-integrated mobile HR app allows employees to access their employee self service portal from virtually anywhere. Employees can clock in and out, see their pay stubs, update their banking preferences, request critical benefits information, and view company resources from their pockets. Worried about your employees clocking in from anywhere? Company administrators can give employees access and decide which location and department can utilize mobile punching.

Perhaps best of all, placing control into the hands of your employees frees up your time to focus on other important HR initiatives.

2. User-friendly design

It’s not enough to offer a mobile HR app to your employees. The app should be beautifully designed and, more importantly, easy to use. After all, if employees can’t figure out how to check their pay stub or submit a PTO request from the app they’ll stop using it. Dominion’s mobile HR app was designed with these core concerns in mind. Users of the app can easily punch in and out and find key pay stub information like 401(k) contributions and tax withholdings.

3. Enhanced Information Security

No one wants their employee information floating out in the ether where nefarious individuals can find it. Thankfully, Dominion’s mobile HR app is just as secure as traditional desktop access, so you can rest assured your pay stub information is safe when you log in from your smartphone.

In addition to standard security procedures, Dominion utilizes two-factor authorization. Two-factor authorization is a security feature for your account that's designed to prevent anyone else from logging in, even if they know your password. Once you set up two-factor authorization, you will only be prompted to use it when you attempt to log on from a different IP address. Dominion values your security, and this extra step in the login process will go a long way in keeping the information of you and your business safe.

In order for HR to stay relevant and keep pace with the modern workforce it needs to embrace mobile access. Dominion Mobile empowers your employees and your organization by placing access in the palm of your hand. Dominion is with you wherever you want to be. Our app will be available March 31st, 2019 for free from the app store for all Dominion customers.


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