3 Signs That You Need Time & Attendance SaaS

As an Office Manager or HR Generalist, one of the most crucial parts of your job is ensuring an accurate payroll, which is easy if you have an intuitive software to work with, but this software doesn’t stop at the payroll level. If you have a great system in place for payroll, but a shaky process for tracking time then you are bound to run into problems. Once you find the right solution for your payroll you need to find software that will pair well with it. If you are finding yourself running into the problems listed below, it might just be time to start shopping for a new time and attendance software. 

Your Hours Paid and Hours Worked Aren’t Quite Matching Up

Ideally, your timekeeping method will flow directly into payroll to ensure a seamless transition of information so there’s no way to transpose numbers or miscalculate. Unfortunately, this type of system isn’t always utilized. Let’s say you are using QuickBooks to run your payroll and for time tracking you purchased separate software such as TimeTrex. These two softwares weren’t designed to work together, so while you may be able to export a file from one and import it into another, the transition may not be as seamless as you would hope. 

You’re Spending Too Much Time Calculating Hours and Cross-Checking

If you have pieced together two separate software, the above point probably wasn’t so much of a surprise. If the two systems weren’t designed to work together you can expect hiccups, and to avoid those you might find yourself spending more time double checking your work. On average how many minutes, or hours, do you spend per week calculating hours so you can run your payroll? Now times that by 52, or better yet plug in your time here and see how much money you’re losing on manually calculating hours worked and the error that comes with that. Check out our labor management calculator to get a glimpse of what you're spending on manual totaling.

You Question the Authenticity of Punches

If you’ve read any of our previous blogs you might notice we touch on time theft quite a bit. This is because whether companies want to admit it or not, time theft is a big problem. If you’re seeing exaggerated punches coming through you might need to look at the time collection method you are using. Studies show the best way to prevent employee time theft is to utilize biometric time clocks. A quick look at the facts and you’ll see that a company who uses online web portals to collect time are at a much higher risk of time theft (40%) vs. those who use biometric clocks (3%). 

If you were able to connect with one or more of these pains it might be time to start researching a cloud-based time and attendance solution. For more information on the benefits of time and attendance SaaS you can watch a demo below.