3 Spooky Ways Your Payroll Can Go Frightfully Wrong

Halloween is a time for spooks, scares, and a little bit of light-hearted fright. Whether you’re celebrating with candy, costumes, or simply enjoying the amazing pumpkin-flavored everything that comes with the season, you shouldn’t have to deal with a scary payroll. This year October 31st falls on a Monday, meaning many payroll and HR professionals will be working hard to get their employees’ checks processed to meet a Friday payday. 

Miscalculating Witches...I mean Wages

Some of us are bewitched with incredible mathematical skills and love a good number crunch session. Even if you fall into the category of ‘mathematically gifted’ there is still room for error, and if you’re dealing with employee pay you’ll want that margin of error to be next to nothing. After all, even the simplest of potions must be brewed exactly right. The best way to avoid miscalculating wages and having your staff turn into a bunch of howling werewolves is to have a system in place that works together, not separate. 

Many times we see back office processes that are hodge-podged together. Managers and supervisors collect employee punches through various time clocks and then import those punches into a separate software. These will then get transferred to a different software for payroll, and before you know it fields aren’t matching up correctly and your potion is boiling a nasty shade of yellow. Whether you’re hand-keying hours or transferring them from a separate system, the process allows room for an erroneous payroll.

Tax Fright

One of the scariest parts of running payroll is calculating accurate taxes. With so many moving parts going into tax calculation you can easily mistake a witch for a ghoul and all of a sudden you underestimated and have a tax penalty. If you find yourself in this situation more than once in a full moon, you may want to look into a payroll software that handles payroll taxes for you. Automatic tax filing means you never have to worry about paying your local, state, or federal taxes again, and more often than not that payroll company will be liable for any mistakes made.

Missing (Deadly)lines Due to Software

It’s Halloween and you’re superstitious - there’s a crowd of black cats outside your front door and you know better than to walk past them and chance a nasty run of bad luck. Obviously you can’t go into work, but it’s payroll day so someone needs to do it. If you’re using an in-house payroll system you’ll need to find the courage the sprint past those cats and get to the office. However, if you’re using a cloud-based solution you can simply process your company payroll in the comfort of your own home while sippin’ on some hot apple cider and waiting for the gang of felines to go away. Crisis averted.

While I hope you have a frightfully wonderful Halloween, I hope your payroll doesn’t cause you the scare we all seek on October 31st. To learn more about how you can take the dread out of your payroll process check out our payroll features below.