3 Telltale Signs That You Need Payroll Software

As a company continues to grow there are many changes that will need to take place to adjust to the influx of employees. Things such as office space, hardware, titles, and yes, even the software you use. As you grow you may notice some aspects of your job start to become a little more difficult than they used to be. Running payroll used to take 20 minutes, but now that you’ve nearly tripled in size it’s slowly becoming a more robust job. While some payroll and HR softwares were made to scale, others were not; and if you fall into the category of ‘others’, it’s probably time you start looking at alternatives. So just how can you tell if you need to make the switch? 

You Begin to Accrue Tax Penalties

A pretty obvious sign that you need some payroll help is a tax notice from the IRS. If you’re not using a provider, you’re missing out on the benefits of automatic tax filing. With Dominion (and many other software providers) your business does not have to even think about taxes because all local, state, and federal taxes are paid each time you process payroll. Many providers will offer a tax management program that allows the provider to pay taxes on your behalf from their own bank account. This will stop those IRS notices from coming, and in turn, save you money in the long run. 

Your Payroll Department is Working Overtime

If your payroll personnel is pulling long hours just to make sure your staff gets paid on time you need to evaluate your payroll software. The right software will aid you in the automation process, making it easier to run a quick and accurate payroll. When I first started at Dominion I remember calling an 100 person company only to find out the Controller was consistently working 80-hour weeks just to complete all of his payroll related tasks. I am happy to say that man no longer works 80-hour weeks thanks to payroll automation software. 

HR Tasks Are Piling Up

More and more we’re seeing HR and payroll become one in the same. Payroll admins are now taking on more HR duties, while the HR person might serve as the payroll back up. Regardless of how your company works it is smart to streamline the entire payroll and HR process. When open enrollment comes around is your office admin juggling mounds of paperwork? Adding on more duties to the plate of someone who is already so busy is nothing short of stressful. Implementing a software that helps to streamline those tasks and put them onto the people who need to complete them, and not the staff member who needs to distribute them is a great benefit of software. 

With growth comes a little bit of pain, but having the proper tools to work through the pain will be the key to continued growth. Having the right software is place to compliment that is a great place to start.