3 Tips for Stress-Free Payroll System Implementation

The following post was written by Warren Fowler.

Establishing a reliable payroll system may seem like a simple HR issue, but it can cause a major disaster if you don’t approach it correctly. There are dozens of examples where brand new payroll systems failed to deliver the expected results, causing some severe damage to the local governments.

For instance, nurses in Nova Scotia reportedly suffered through at least six months of faulty paychecks this year due to problems with an SAP system project led by IBM. With all of the variables coming into the play simultaneously, it’s not easy to design immaculate software.

If you want to avoid the payroll system mistakes, you better make sure to understand how it really functions. Here are the top three tips for stress-free implementation:

1. Too Late To Upgrade

The software upgrade is a rather technical task, but it’s still one of the leading causes of the payroll system failures. You definitely don’t want to let old and obsolete programmers manage your system, primarily because they use aged coding languages that don’t match the needs of modern upgrade procedures.

Marjorie Bulluck, a payroll system analyst at Resumes Planet, says that out-of-date software can harm your system in a variety of ways:

  • It reduces functionality

  • It weakens system security

  • And it causes compatibility issues

Problems like these make it critical to use state of the art techniques when upgrading the payroll system. At the same time, you need to run multiple tests following the procedure completion to ensure quality performance upon launching.

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2. Follow the Implementation Playbook

Another common mistake in payroll system implementation is not following the playbook specifications. Each company should have a precise guideline that clearly describes each move, but some managers make mistakes that lead to an eventual catastrophe.

The worst thing about it is that most of these managers leave the company as soon as they smell the problem, so the unfortunate successor has to find the way out of it. Our suggestion is to follow the playbook step by step, not allowing anyone to interfere with well-established manuals.

This will not only ensure flawless implementation of the new payroll system but also prevent stressful situations both for you and your subordinates.

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3. Mobile Functionality

Mobile-based Human Resource Information System can save a lot of time in the open enrollment process for benefits and when making changes in information. Its functionality drives employee engagement, reducing data errors, and making the HR team’s job a lot easier.

After all, automation makes the payroll system much faster and more efficient. Manual data entries can cause some severe problems, particularly in such a sensitive field as finances. But if you find the appropriate mobile HRIS, you can avoid much of the work-related stress.

The selection process depends on the client’s individual needs and requirements, but a great payroll system provides at least the following:

  • Usability: Their system is easy to understand and implement.

  • Features: They offer multiple payment options, wage rates, administrative solutions, etc.

  • Cost: You need a reliable provider that is also affordable.

  • Integration: Your company already uses different programs, so you need a system which easily integrates with the existing software.

  • Customer service: Quality payroll system providers have professional customer service agents who can solve all issues in a timely manner.

Launching a new payroll system is a complex process which can lead to disastrous consequences if done incorrectly. If you want to avoid possible mistakes, you better pay attention to software functionality before the actual launch. In this post, we showed you three tips for stress-free payroll implementation, so make sure to follow these suggestions to complete the project successfully.


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