3 Ways Payroll Software Works for Construction

It’s a funny thing isn’t it, to think of payroll software and construction working together toward a common goal - but it’s true, they truly can work together and make life simpler. Think about it this way, you manage a construction crew of 100 people. You have employees at multiple construction sites, working several different shifts. Keeping track of who is supposed to be at which site and at what time; there’s a payroll (and HR) software for that. Keeping track of various tax authorities is another headache to deal with - there’s a payroll software for that as well. So how exactly can a software program help keep your construction company efficient and organized?

Simplify Your Scheduling

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re responsible for a mass amount of people it can be challenging to keep track of everyone, especially across multiple job sites. With the proper payroll software you can easily create group schedules and assign employees where they are needed. If one of your employees calls in that’s no problem - you can quickly search available employees to fill the open space. Did I mention you can also pull reports on your employees punches to see how long they spent at each job site; this feature is especially useful when you have an employee who works at various rates of pay. 

Hassle-Free Punch In

Once employees arrive to their designated work site they can punch in with their smart phone and begin working. No more recording hours on time cards, or emailing in hours to payroll. With payroll software your construction crew has access to everything needed to get the job done. Aside from punching in and out with their phones, they’ll have access to past pay stubs, and even be able to request time off all from their own device. 

Easy Tax Calculations

No one likes calculating taxes, especially when you have employees spread across multiple tax authorities. Software allows you to enter in the different cities and states in which your employees are working and automatically calculates the correct amount to be paid out for taxes. Have peace of mind knowing that local, state, and federal taxes are taken care of behind the scenes when you process payroll. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of payroll software for your construction business watch a demo below.