3 Ways Remote Employees Can Prioritize Their Health

More and more companies are beginning to allow their employees to work remotely. It’s always a great perk to allow people to work from the comfort of their home or switch up their scenery by working at a cafe or coworking space. However, if you employ full-time remote workers, it’s important that they feel included in all company perks, including wellness programs. Because remote employees may not be able to enjoy the state-of-the-art ergonomic office chairs or local gym discounts, there are other ways to help your remote employees to prioritize their health during working hours!

Share ergonomic information

All employees should know the healthiest ways to sit at their desks and work at their computers. Usually, office managers or the HR department will share ergonomic videos and tips once a year. Make sure these tips are available to the whole company so they can have a comfortable work environment, no matter what location they are in. 

Accessories like laptop risers and wrist rests may help employees stay productive for hours - and it’s a bonus if you can snag discounts for workers that want to purchase these items! Another, often forgotten, health issue to remember for people who work on computers all day, is the harmful blue light that’s emitted from electronic screens. If you want your employees to be free of headaches, blurry vision, and other symptoms that can occur from extended use of computers and phones, then recommend they buy blue light glasses. This convenient and stylish addition will ensure your employees can continue working without the headache.

Make a schedule and stick to it

It’s vital for remote employees to set working hours and schedule out their day in advance to maintain a work/life balance and healthy state of mind. According to a study from Cardiff University, a lot of remote workers agree that they tend to work longer hours for a couple of reasons. Those who aren't confined to a physical office find it difficult to take themselves away from work and many workers who don't get daily face time like their office coworkers often feel the need to prove themselves.

Remind your remote workers to set working hours. With a recent Google calendar update, it’s easier than ever to enable available hours so remote employees can stick to them and not be tempted to work more than 40 hours a week. Additionally, obsessively scheduling out the day or week ahead may be a benefit. When meetings, conference calls, important tasks, and even breaks are planned out, staying organized is effortless. Plus, this can help combat overworking and forgetting to take required lunch breaks. 

Invest in remote-only perks

If you offer local gym discounts and healthy snacks in the office already, then try to ensure that remote employees get these wellness benefits too. It’s great to support local businesses, but  take care of your non-local workers by looking into corporate discounts at a nationwide gym. Additionally, you can offer remote workers a grocery or snack stipend so they can fill their office with healthy, energizing snacks!

Working remotely is an amazing perk that a lot of job seekers look for these days. HR departments should consider offering this opportunity at their company, but need to remember how to help their remote workers stay productive and healthy at work.