3 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your HRM Software

For many businesses big, and small HRM software has proven to be a powerful tool to unite payroll and human resource processes. HRM software eliminates the traditional disconnect that used to exist across multiple departments, and sometimes even locations. While we all know that HRM software is used to streamline back office processes, there are other ways it can be utilized to track, inform, and make the lives of payroll and HR professionals easier. Here are 3 ways to get the most out of your HRM software.

Custom Fields

One of the most underutilized capabilities of HRM software is the ability to create, track, and report on the information that is important to your business specifically. Does your business require certain employees to be certified in a specific trade? Easily track those certifications using our custom fields and instantly pull reports (and receive alerts) to see when those certifications need to be renewed. If it’s important to your business it can be tracked in your HRM software custom fields. 

Alerts to Inform Employees

If you have employees across multiple locations it is crucial to have a reliable means of mass communication. The ability to post alerts in your HRM software for all employees to see is helpful when there is a last minute announcement, or change in schedule. For example, maybe you as a manager had to adjust the weekly schedule - you can go into your HRM software and publish an alert to let employees know they need to take a look at their schedules for that week because hours could have fluctuated. 

Recordkeeping for Businesses

When you have an HRM software in place, you can count on being able to recall your records for as long as you have been doing business with your provider. For example, if a Dominion client signed on with us in October 2005 and they for some reason need to check their payroll records from December 2005 they would have the capability to do so. Even if you switch providers you have the option to take your information with you. Many times the transferring of information comes at a price, but if you know you’ll need to refer back to that information at some point then it may be worth your money to transfer those records. Also, it should be noted that this process isn’t as simple as it sounds (which is why there is usually a hefty fee).

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