3 Ways to Optimize Your Recruiting Process

Turnover is expensive, there’s no denying it. On top of lost productivity, you have the time it takes to find, hire, and onboard the new employee. On top of that, you have to make sure the new hire is qualified and won’t leave within the first three months. There’s no one right way to find a qualified employee, but there are certain steps you can take to streamline the process of finding your “perfect fit”. A large part of finding the right candidate for the job is attention to detail. Spending quality time on fine tuning your job description, listening to current employee feedback on impressions of candidates, and maintaining detailed organization of your applicants will make your recruitment process much smoother. 

Create an Accurate Job Description

The first step (and perhaps the most important) in the recruitment process is creating an accurate job description. It’s vital that multiple people review the post and provide their feedback. Including members of the team involved with the position for hire is important because they will have the most knowledge as to what actual day-to-day tasks will entail for the new hire, as well as what qualifications will best assist the team. Behavioral characteristics should also be added if necessary. Consider what type of person would do well in sales compared to what type of person would do well in IT. 

Utilize Employee Networks

Tapping into your employee networks is an excellent way to find qualified individuals to interview. If one of your top employees recommends somebody for the position, chances are that potential hire would be a good fit, since the alternative would reflect poorly on them. Consider starting an employee referral program where your existing employee will get a bonus after so many months of their referred employee staying with the company and performing well. 

Another option for utilizing employee networks is to send employees to networking events such as trade shows and career fairs. Having them gather some brief information and impressions of the people they come across is an excellent way to add to your pool of candidates. 

Integrate an Applicant Tracking System

One of the most challenging aspects of the recruiting process is keeping all of your applicants organized. With an applicant tracking system in place, hiring managers and recruiters have the ability to segment your applicants into categories based on qualifications, send appropriate responses to those groups of applicants, and overall fulfill better organization of applicants.

Depending on which software your company uses, applicant tracking systems also allow you to upload paperwork such as benefit statements and other new hire documents. Some programs may also possess the option to assign tasks for managers or administrators and due dates for those tasks within the applicant tracking software.

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