4 Things HR Leaders Should Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means it is time to reflect on things we are thankful for. There are a lot of things to be thankful for such as family, friends, love, food, job, and so on. As HR and Payroll professionals, there are specific things we should be thankful for, things that make our daily lives easier.

Advances in Technology

New technology has helped every aspect of how businesses operate. For HR leaders, technology automation has helped streamline processes and work in a way that creates more time and space to focus on employees. From applicant tracking systems to time and attendance software, to a fully integrated HRM platform, HR leaders can be thankful to put technology to use in ways that save time, energy and money for not only their department but the company as a whole.

Payroll & HR Software

As an HR and Payroll professional, there are an infinite amount of things you have to do every day to ensure that your employees are happy and getting compensated for the hours they put into the company. It is your responsibility to hire top talent, onboard them, handle employee requests, schedule everyone fairly, and complete all other HR functions. Thankfully, there is software that can help you complete all these tasks and make your life easier. Payroll and HR software allows you to easily hire, pay, and benefit your employees. An HRIS system can help you manage your organization’s employee data overall. Beyond the technology, you also have access to great customer service. Depending on your provider, you don’t have to stress about staying compliant as they make sure everything is done meeting all required regulations, along with your unique needs.

Good Customer Service

There is nothing worse than having questions and not having them answered in a timely manner. No matter how great your payroll and HR software is, questions will always arise - this is inevitable. We’ve all reached out to a call center for assistance at some point. The process takes a long time, especially when it is an automated voice system. Your voice rarely gets recognized, you have to repeat yourself multiple times, and sometimes you don’t even get to the right place in the end! How about when you’re asked to hold for “a few minutes” but end up waiting for hours? Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? This is why we should be thankful for quality customer service. At Dominion, we pride ourselves on great customer service. We have real people that are available to answer any questions you might have, and they are just a phone call, email, or even live-chat away.

Free HR Resources

Who doesn’t like free stuff? What about free resources that can help you complete your daily tasks easier or help you stay compliant with government regulations? There are so many available HR resources that can be found online, and congratulations, you have found one of the best (Dominion’s Blog). Other than helpful blogs, there are HR groups (that you are probably already aware of) such as the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) that you can join for free and get all the benefits from. Aside from this, there are also countless free resources just waiting for you to take advantage of. No matter what part of HR you specialize in, you can find a newsletter, website, webinar, or blog that focuses solely on that topic. Because we are leaders in our industry, we have countless of payroll and HR resources available for you at any time.