4 Things I Learned From My Internship

This summer was a unique experience compared to others. I decided to stay in Grand Rapids and pursue an internship at Dominion Systems. At first, I was introduced to the marketing team at the winter 2014 career fair through GVSU. From my first glance at the brochure I already liked the company. So I decided to apply for the position and next thing I knew I was getting ready for my first day.

First Impressions

On my first day I was bombarded with names, information, and training about the payroll industry. With all of the pressure on to remember what I was being taught, my team was very supportive throughout the entire process. They answered my questions, and walked me through everything I needed to know in order to start making calls and converting leads. The company as a whole is very supportive, kind, and motivating. Everyone helps everyone reach their goals.

Culture Makes a Difference

Each week, I was excited to see what I would be working on next. I was constantly working on little projects such as data entry, but the more I accomplished the larger the projects became. Eventually, I was making calls to businesses by myself, writing blogs, creating ebooks, and helping run social media for the entire company. With these experiences, I learned about inbound marketing and the process of creating opportunities and nurturing them into customers. This company mission will help me in my future career when I have to make important choices concerning a company and their possible customers.

Learning from Doing

The best way to learn is to do. During my internship, I had to take the situation I was in and jump into it. When I started making calls I was nervous that I might say the wrong thing, but once I learned the correct language, I was breezing through calls and became much more comfortable. Throwing myself into the experience helped me learn to constantly be on my toes and be able to come up with an acceptable solution to the problem at hand.


Seeing how an actual business runs on a daily basis is a must-have experience. When you watch the different departments work together to create a common goal, ideas come together and something great is accomplished. This dynamic is how most businesses run today. Different people bring their unique thinking into the workplace to form a united business that motivates and embodies remarkable company culture. As an intern, that seems like a great place to be.

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