5 HR Resume Tips You Need to Learn Now

This post was written by Jennifer Broflowski

If you are a human resource manager, chances are that hundreds and thousands of resumes are already passing through your hands. However, when it comes to writing your own, all the resumes you have seen will not count. In your writing, you must ensure to compile a copy that shows your potential in the workplace.

Your resume must have tangible details that show your unique qualifications and why you are the best candidate for the job. Although all resumes have a similar structure, as an HR, there are key features that potential employers wish to see in your copy. Here are five tips that will help you write a decent resume that is applicable to several professions including managers, executives and HRs.

Focus On What Makes You Special

Education credentials and other professional experiences will obviously do. However, all these details can be similar to what other candidates write, which is not good for your employment chances. In your writing, including the simple details that make you unique and highly qualified for the job. Your potential employer wishes to know something different that you are willing to bring to the table; they are looking forward to seeing what makes you better than all the rest of the candidates.

Brand Your Headlines

If you want your resume to capture the mind of hiring managers, you should give them a brief introduction of who you are. While others are concentrating on their career summary and professional profile, why not tell about something different? Your headline will send more information about your experiences something you would not have said using career summary. Additionally, you can expand on your expertise by including other subheadings to speak about yourself and your achievements in the profession.

Highlight the Keywords

As a practicing human resource manager, you must be aware of the importance of using keywords. Whether your resume will be read manually or through a system, having the right keywords will earn you more points. Using HR keywords throughout your resume not only makes it easy for your readers to scan out relevant info but highlights your qualifications and expertise quite easily.

Speak About Your Previous Employment

Often people only write references, which do not say anything about their previous job. As you are writing your resume, you must ensure it is different from all the rest on the table. Therefore, sharing a brief experience of your previous work would do wonders. Giving a brief description of the companies you have worked with indicates you are transparent and trustworthy. However, be wise to avoid scaring off employers and diminishing your chances of getting the job. This can happen if you have worked with bigger companies and now you are looking for a job with a smaller company.

Proofread Your Resume

Ensure your resume is direct and to the point. In case you can’t come up with something decent, you can always seek help from a professional resume service. People there are experienced and highly qualified and will surely write your CV for you or compose a reference that you will be able to use in future.

Still, if you are writing it yourself, remember that the use of fluffy adjectives, filler words and other irrelevant experiences are likely to put you off the job. Hiring managers don’t have the time to scan information in the midst of irrelevant content. Once you are done completing your resume, proofread and check it through to get rid of any information that is irrelevant to the position you are applying for.

Final Verdict

However, even with all strategic writing in place, remember that a perfect resume does not guarantee that you get the job. However, it gives you an opportunity to get an interview with your potential employers. Therefore as you write, make sure your resume is the best. It must be written within the contest and showcase all your qualifications. Make your CV clean, lean and tight - that will enhance your chances of capturing the mind of the employers.

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