5 Must-Have Software Tools for Business

If you are starting a new business or even managing a smaller existing one, you know the amount of work it takes to keep everything straight when starting out. Between tracking all of your paperwork, employee time, client needs, communication, and measuring success, you are going to want to have as many useful tools as possible at your disposal. Your team can only manage so much, it takes software to manage it all successfully. Here is a look at some of the options you may consider in helping you get your tasks done in the most efficient manner.

Payroll/Accounting Software

Whatever your business may be, finances are going to be at the heart of it. The administrative side of things can get messy, so having a quality payroll or accounting software is crucial. These types of software will assist you in managing your company finances or can be used to pass along company financial info to your CPA. Payroll software has the added ability to track employee time, pay-rate, and deductions to give you the correct total for payout each period (without the manual work).

Analytics Software

Virtually every successful business in the digital age has a website in order to sell merchandise, generate leads, or generate awareness. In order to track the success of that website, there are plenty of free services online that use can use to track website traffic. Google Analytics is perhaps the most commonly used free platform out there for this purpose. Users can view analytics such as visitor geography, traffic percentage per page, and average duration per page expressed through visual data graphs and charts.

File Share/Storage Software

For newer or smaller businesses, probably much of the work you are doing will be remote or on-the-go. This means needing access to files and documents without passing a flash drive back and forth. Sending files through email may work for the most part, but the size of the file to be shared is often limited. This is why utilizing tools like Dropbox can be extremely helpful. Stay organized with shareable folders that can store images, documents, and videos all in one place in the cloud.

HR Software

HR Software is often implemented after your business has grown in employee count, but it’s not to be looked over just because you may be still smaller in size. Oftentimes there will be payroll software that offers additional HR programs as well at no additional cost. For instance, Dominion Systems’ payroll platform also comes with its employee self-service portal as well. This ESS feature allows for employees to access important documents, W2s, or request time off.

CRM Software

Keeping track of client information gets overwhelming very quickly, especially when more than one team member is working with that client or prospect. Having a database to track every client or prospect interaction can be extremely beneficial especially for a sales team. This is why client/customer relationship management software is so helpful for processing a marketing or sales strategy. Platforms like SalesForce and HubSpot can be pricey (depending on what features your company utilizes), but are still extremely useful for company growth. There are also platforms with lesser capabilities for free such as Zoho.  

While it may take some time to figure out which software products are the best fit for your business, the value of organization and efficiency that you will see right away will benefit your business starting day one. Considering adding one of these products to your business plan? Dominion’s cloud-based payroll and HR software fits every size company at an affordable rate. Visit our demo page for more information on how our software can transform your work life.