5 Reasons Every Business Needs an Employee Self Service Software

At the ripe age of 27, I’ve had nearly a dozen jobs in as many years. If you discount a couple of the early jobs, before the internet was fundamental for nearly any business to run successfully, every single one of these jobs had an Employee Self Service (ESS) portal of some sort. During my high school and college days I was working two or sometimes three jobs at a time, so having online access to all my schedules, pay stubs and important documents was a lifesaver. Not only did these features help me keep my sanity as an employee, they also reduce the workload for the HR staff at each respective organization. Depending on what specific software you’re using, an ESS portal can do anything from supplying employees with their W-2s to allowing them to request time off electronically. The more features your ESS portal has, the less work your HR staff will have to do. With that being said, here are the 5 reasons your business would benefit from an Employee Self Service software:

1. Say “Goodbye” to All That Paperwork

There’s a lot of paperwork that comes standard with your typical HR career. All your employee time off requests, onboarding documents, applications, and so much more have to be kept organized, if for no other reason than the sake of your sanity. Whether you have all your paperwork piled up on your desk, organized neatly in file cabinets, or haphazardly shoved in any nook and cranny you can find, it’s probably safe to say you could stand to free up some space. With an ESS software, you can store all employee-related documents online. This way your employees can access them at any time (more on that shortly) and you don’t have to keep hard copies of every piece of paper that comes across your desk.

2. Get 24/7 Access

With an ESS portal, both you and your employees can have access to their important information from anywhere at any time. This means employees aren’t taking time out of their workday to track down pay stubs, memorize their weekly schedule, or request time off. This also means you will have fewer interruptions from employees looking to complete the above tasks, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

3. Improve your Daily Processes

A solid ESS software can improve so many aspects of your business, you’ll find your daily processes are running smoother than ever. In addition to all the above perks, you can allow your employees punch in and out through their software, update their employee records, pull historical reports including wage and paycheck history, W-2s, and more, and even have your employees shop for benefits during your open enrollment period.

4. Eliminate Needless Dual-Entry

As your employees enter information into their ESS portal, the software will feed directly into your payroll software. This will automatically update those records (once you’ve approved the changes, of course) and eliminate the need for you to enter the same information into multiple platforms. Dominion’s Employee Self Service feature syncs not only with Payroll but also with our Time and Attendance, Benefits Administration, Onboarding, and Time off features. This means records are updated all together and there are no errors or discontinuities for you to worry about.

Learn more about these features here!

5. Save Money

Of course, I saved the best reason for last: save some money! Your Employee Self Service portal should come standard when you work with a payroll provider like Dominion. By reducing your workload and streamlining these processes, it comes to reason that so many businesses understand the value of using an Employee Self Service software.

At Dominion, we’ve designed our ESS platform to do all the above tasks, while adding a personalized touch that your employees and administrators alike will appreciate. Employees can upload a photo to their profile that will give it a social media-like feel that is so comforting to folks these days.


We also have a ton of new features in the works that will improve the feature as a whole and maximize the effect a quality ESS platform can offer.

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