5 Things to Consider When Hiring Millennials

With Gen X management now in place, it’s important to understand what sort of talent they are scouting for with the Millennial Generation. There may be some hesitation when hiring young people with questions of whether or not millennials will be able to work with co-workers who are not peers, or if they will add value in an enterprise environment. But there are plenty of skills and qualities attributed with Generation Y that will benefit the work place like high levels of education and being tech-savvy. They are just a little more unconventional than others. Here are some things to consider when hiring of the Millennial Generation.

Know they are going to leave.

Millennials have been often labeled “job hoppers” and considered disloyal to companies, but to Gen Y leaving a job before 3 years is the new norm. To fresh college graduates, gaining new employment is a fast track to career advancement. In other words, they see the benefit of taking a better position at another company versus the alternative of waiting in line for a promotion to open up on their current corporate ladder. The best way to manage this is to let them work on projects that really matter to them. Create flexible work arrangements so millennials are able to balance their work and home life, and allow for a work environment that inspires loyalty.

Hire in pairs.

Hiring millennials in pairs, (especially ones new to the workforce) can be beneficial for both management and the recruits. This allows for them to experience the new environment and culture with a peer through a “buddy system”. Having a co-worker in the same boat will help ease the transition into a corporate setting where they can learn and assimilate together.

Include them in brainstorming.

Ask millennials for their ideas and include them in your brainstorming sessions and meetings. Embracing a fresh perspective will not only empower them, but also provide your team with a new way of solving problems with greater efficiency. Giving millennials real responsibility will challenge them to grow and keep them inspired at work.

Give them feedback.

One of the unique attributes of Gen Y is that they crave frequent feedback. Satisfying this need will offer them a better idea of their contribution to the company and the quality of their job performance. Do not wait for official performance reviews to shed some insight on their efforts and skills, and offer clear cut and constructive criticism when needed. In addition to individual feedback, converse with your millennial recruits on their value to the company and your vision for their advancement. The first sign they get that they may be running on a hamster wheel with no direction or advancement is when they start to look for alternative placement.  

Offer up-to-date technology.

One sure way to attract top millennial talent is to offer current technology. Technology drives millennials and could be considered a way of life to them. This should be seen as a benefit for companies since having the natural know-how available to run the latest equipment and software will increase efficiency for everyday processes.  

Although generational differences will occur, diversifying the workplace with young employees will bring new ways of problem solving, and a variety of ideas and methods to improve business.

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