5 Tips to Improve Your Leadership Skills [Infographic]

Some people are natural born leaders, but let’s face it, most of us aren’t. So what exactly does it take to be a great leader? How can we work to encourage, inspire, and motivate our employees? While this is not a definitive list, it is certainly a good place to start.

Set Clear Goals

Failing to communicate your expectations with your employees is a recipe for disaster. Essentially, you have told them “I don’t have expectations for you, so just give me whatever you come up with.” This creates confusion for both parties because it puts the control entirely in the employee’s hands. Isn’t the sole purpose of a leader to lead their staff? Leaders are put in place to guide us toward a common goal and keep everyone on track.

Celebrate Success

Take the time to congratulate your team when they reach their goals. There is no better feeling than being acknowledged for your hard work. Simply assuming your employees know they are appreciated just does not cut it anymore. If you want your employees to feel valued, then you need to take the initiative. All it takes is a quick shout-out highlighting what the person did and how it positively impacted the business. Recognition can be the difference between your employees staying at your company or looking for a position elsewhere.

Encourage Teamwork

Team work is great for multiple reasons, it encourages innovative thinking, it develops employee relationships, and it challenges the status quo. Allowing your staff to work together strengthens employee bonds and can greatly benefit the workplace dynamic.

Respect and Value Team Members

In order to gain respect you must first give respect. What better way to build up trust and respect than communication? Listening to your team and making an honest effort to understand and rectify their issues is a great way to show that value them. At the end of the day we all want to be recognized for our success.

Be an Open Resource

What is life without resources? It is important for your staff to know they have someone they can turn to should they need a question answered. Being approachable opens the lines of communication and gives your team the opportunity to seek clarification and guidance.

Being an effective leader is all about taking the initiative to get to know your team and creating a solid foundation of trust. Once you have that relationship, you can modify your approach to find what works best for your people.