5 Ways SaaS Helps You Navigate Your Payroll Process

Driving to an unfamiliar destination used to be an extremely stressful process; especially when you would have to remember all the different rights, lefts and random landmarks. Not to mention if you were going on a longer trip you would have to pull out the map that could never be folded back properly. Luckily, when I started driving I didn’t have to deal for long with those stresses due to a nifty little piece of technology called a GPS. You could now search for your destination and the device would provide you with the best route. You would even be told when to turn by a lady with a nice British accent.

This technology progressed to the point where I could have access to all this on my iPhone. This was extremely helpful when I road tripped with my Dad from Los Angeles to Indianapolis due to a job transfer. I was going to make the 31 hour drive in two days so I needed to enlist some help. I picked up my Dad from LAX and we started driving. He proceeded to get out three or four maps that were supposed to help guide us along our journey. I showed him all I needed to do was plug in the final address into my Google maps app. Voila; it gave us detailed directions on how we were going to get to Indianapolis. I got mileage breakdowns in between turns and an estimated time it would take. What could have become the most stressful and time consuming part of the trip was actually the easiest.

Much like how GPS took the stress out of the driving experience, software as a service helps businesses navigate their payroll process with the same type of ease. You can now leverage technology to help make your time processing payroll more enjoyable. By using software as a service directly from a provider you can alleviate your payroll stress in five simple ways.

1. Automate Your Process

Is your current process completely automated or do you have to do quite a bit of manual work? One of the biggest advantages of using SaaS is that your payroll process can be automated. You now can start your entire payroll process with a click of a button; all your period start dates, end dates, check dates, type of run, tax options, and scheduled deductions already set. Upon clicking the button to finish your payroll, all the direct deposit information of your employees will be pushed out to the banks ensuring your employees will be paid on time.

The whole process has built-in checks and balances to alert you of any potential problems that need fixing in order to ensure that you process an accurate payroll. The last little aspect is that all your payroll related taxes have been automatically deducted and will be paid on your behalf, on time, to all the proper authorities even if you have locations in multiple states. For example, you don’t need to know and stay up-to-date on all the tax law in 4 different states.

You no longer need to print paychecks, W-2s or any other paper related to your payroll. Your employees can access all their information from their own secure login. They can see all their paychecks, past W-2s and help the payroll stay up to date on all their allowances and exemptions. All this functionality of the software can be accessed anywhere, at any time, on any device. That is powerful!

2. Updates & Upgrades Happen Continually

You can now stay up-to-date with the latest technology a lot easier while still being cost effective. For many businesses, software never got upgraded in a timely fashion due to the high upfront cost. Also businesses were concerned about purchasing software, only to miss out on the next bigger and better thing coming out. I know I go through this all the time when I am thinking about buying a new phone, tablet, or computer. I become paranoid about Apple potentially coming out with an even better version of the current product for the same price.

How often does your software get upgraded? SaaS allows you to constantly have the latest and greatest without the hassle of having to do all the work of upgrading the existing or buying new software. Software has bugs that need to be fixed, but instead of having to download a new version of that same software it just updates automatically. What is even crazier is that a newer edition of the software can be made available without any additional purchasing. The whole development process allows for software providers to listen to their current clients and develop more functionality to the software that originally wasn’t there.

3. More Features Available That Touch More Parts of Your Business

Does your current software have the ability for you to purchase more features without having to buy new software? As your business grows, so will the need for more features that will help automate more parts of your business. You shouldn’t feel restricted or limited when using your software. Instead, you will be able to go to one place and take care of all the different payroll, operations, and HR needs. Purchasing software ahead of time is not needed anymore, rather as your needs grow so does the functionality of your software. Your software can become your one-stop-shop, but also has the capabilities to integrate with other software that you might already have.

Not only does the payroll process get some love, but so can your time & attendance tracking, PTO requesting, HR info and benefits administration. You can have all your employees punching in via a computer, clock, smart phone, tablet, or biometric readers that then can be uploaded directly into your payroll. Your employees can request time off directly from their employee login without having to fill out any paperwork or directly talk to any managers. The days that they took off, would automatically be added into the proper payroll period. Your entire benefits process can become streamlined to the point where your employees can shop for their specific benefits. Upon completion, you will be able to upload all their information electronically to the proper carriers.

4. The Buying Process Can Be Tailored to You

The purchasing process of SaaS doesn’t have to start with a cold call from a sales rep trying to talk you into sitting down. Technology allows you to do your research and demo the software without having to leave your location. Maybe you want pricing first, well that can happen now with a simple click of a button and filling out your company information. There doesn’t have to be a specific order to the process, the sales cycle is as long or short as you need it to be.

This will allow you to efficiently select the right software based on your timeline. You can now shop anywhere in the country, which will allow you to find a provider that best fits your needs. The whole process keeps you at the center, trying to provide you with all the information necessary for the best decision for your business. The whole experience should make you feel like you are in control and are getting exactly what you want and need. SaaS is customer-centric!

5. You Are an Ongoing Client

You never should feel like your relationship with the software provider has come to an end at the point of purchase. Rather you now have an ongoing relationship that reflects the ongoing utilization of the software. Your software provider will help you with your implementation and training so that you can hit the ground running. You are taught how to use the software properly and for your specific situation.

The maintenance of the software now falls directly on the provider, not you as the customer. When you’re in the midst of having troubles you can just hop onto the chat feature to resolve your issues in the most convenient manner. If you are having issues directly related to your software, SaaS allows for providers to continually fix bugs and improve the software, kind of like what you experience with your iPhone.

The payroll process has been revolutionized by SaaS, which allows businesses to increase productivity in the payroll, operations, and HR areas. You no longer have to do anything manually and you can still have control over all the different aspects of the software. If you are experiencing any headaches in relation to payroll or any other area of your business; I wanted to let you know there is software out there that can really help. Don’t wait, get on Google or check us out at dominionsystems.com