5 Ways the Food and Beverage Industry Can Benefit with Payroll and HR Software

Do you have the recipe for a well-managed, profitable company? Make sure the right payroll and HR software solution is included!

Running a restaurant or bar is time-consuming, demanding and stressful. What if I told you a payroll and HR software can simplify your everyday HR tasks? I am in the marketing department at Dominion Systems, a payroll and HR SaaS (Software as a Service) company, but I also have about 10 years of experience working in the food and beverage industry. I’ve worked at multiple restaurant locations and received multiple promotions enabling me to work in different departments ranging from front of house positions, to marketing manager, to floor manager, allowing me to see many aspects of what goes into running a restaurant. I wanted to put my experience from both industries together to bring you value, which is why I’m going to share how a payroll and HR software can be valuable to your company in the food and beverage industry.

I can relate to your biggest human resources challenges. I understand that you have multiple managers working different shifts and managing different departments. I also understand they all need to be on the same page communicating amongst managers, as well as with the rest of the staff. I know that it takes time (and effort) keeping track of all your staff, especially with the high turnover. Lastly, I’ve experienced that one person can wear many hats and be in charge of multiple tasks and it can be a headache when everything isn’t organized and easily gets misplaced. 75% of HR leaders reported that HR technology has enabled them to become more strategic and efficient on the job, according to the 2017 Pulse of HR Survey. While there might not necessarily be someone with an HR title working at your business, someone still needs to run payroll and keep track of employees’ time and attendance. HR technology can help! Online payroll and HR software can streamline these processes, making them easier and faster for all involved, including your employees.

1. Integration with a Point Of Sale System

A POS (point of sale) system is the central component of your business and the spot where everything comes together. If you add Time & Attendance software to the recipe, you will end up with accurate employee time cards and HR data securely stored and conveniently available when you need it. Time clocks can be purchased and used to punch in and out at restaurants, but for convenience and to save money you should find a payroll and timekeeping provider that can implement timekeeping software on your already established POS. This will make it so much easier for your employees to track their time.

2. Payroll and HR Software Integration

Spend less time running payroll and more time crafting a fabulous menu. When you use payroll and timekeeping software together, you get the luxury of employee hours and data flowing directly into payroll, thus eliminating manual calculations and chance of human error. Payroll software has features like assigning employees multiple pay rates based on job duties, such as if someone worked as a server and a hostess.

3. Scheduling

I used to be in a role where I had to schedule employees. It was stressful staffing the restaurant while keeping employees happy every week. An online scheduling tool can minimize this daunting task. A good scheduling tool will allow you to create a schedule to fit your restaurants’ needs, save it, and then fill in the employees later when you need to. With an online solution, the communication between you and your employees will be simplified and the changing of shifts will be easier than ever. In the software you can see who requested what dates off and what’s more, your scheduling tool should notify you when you schedule an employee on a specific date but they requested that day off. If you have multiple restaurants, a scheduling tool would be very beneficial for your scheduling needs. The software would communicate with the different locations and not allow you to schedule the same person twice at the same time.

4. Staying Compliant

With an online payroll software, you can relax knowing your business will stay compliant, since your software will automatically calculate how much your tipped employees (waitresses, bussers, etc.) should be paid. Having an intuitive solution, like Dominion Systems, allows you to look at how many hours your server worked and will register if they didn’t make enough in tips to make minimum wage. Our system will do the hard work for you and make sure they get paid accurately in compliance with the rules.

5. Onboarding

It’s no secret the food and beverage industry has high turnover. In 2017, the turnover rate in the hospitality sector exceeded 70 percent for the second consecutive year, a restaurant industry report reveals. There are strategies to work on retaining your employees, starting at the very beginning. A study from the Wynhurst Group found that newly hired employees are 58% more likely to still be at the company three years later if they had completed a structured onboarding process. With this in mind, onboarding needs to be a top priority. Onboarding software can simplify this process for you and your new hires. Onboarding software will enable your new hires to fill out their paperwork and important data online on their own time. All of their data should then sync immediately with your payroll software.

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