5 Ways to Improve Well-being at Work

Are you noticing your employees being more and more disengaged and (eventually) leaving your company? Have you put much thought into why this could be happening, or better yet, what you could be doing to combat this? Well-being in the workplace is a big driver of employee attitude and career longevity at your company; it impacts the direction and success of the company as well.

Taking a moment to review your company culture, values, and workplace conditions can be the difference between retaining employees and having to dig that “Now Hiring” sign out of the storage closet. Even if you believe your workplace has a good handle on employee well-being you should still review processes occasionally. Here are five key factors that influence employee well-being.  

Create Relationships

Human connection and interaction is a big part of happiness and well-being. Regardless of if you have your dream job, or you’re currently working your way up, you will have bad days. The people around you day in and day out are what get us through those bad days. If you don’t have a solid foundation of colleagues who you can turn to for advice, help, etc., then eventually you will crash. Be that person that colleagues can turn to for a ‘breath of fresh air’. The value of building solid relationships is undeniable. 

Communicate Openly

Transparency seems to be the new buzz word, or fad if you will, but the truth is transparency can be a good thing - especially with communication. When everyone is on the same page it’s easier to move forward together. For example, here at Dominion we have a board that shows how the company is doing in terms of our quarterly and yearly goals. This also works as a great motivator for our company because it allows us to see how our work is paying off, literally.

Cultivate a Culture of Growth

It’s not realistic to think your employees will stay forever, but you definitely don’t want them to leave due to lack of opportunity. If your employees are valuable to you, create growth for them in the company. One of the coolest things as an employee of Dominion is seeing my colleagues being able to move to different roles and continue to push our company forward. It speaks volumes to know that leaders within an organization value their employees enough to aid in career advances, even if that means moving to a completely different role. 

Make Yourself Available

When you have a boss that is approachable and relatable, it makes working together that much easier. If your employees have a concern they should be able to turn to you for guidance. This goes back to the communicate openly point I made earlier. Make sure your workforce knows the best times and ways to approach you if needed. 

Give Incentives 

Everyone in the company should have goals and those goals should be incentivized. Everyone wants recognition for a job well done; if you have employees who always go above and beyond what is expected, reward them, they earned it. Salespeople work extra hard to make a sale because they know they’ll receive a commission. These are the things that keep people going when the day to day gets a little mundane.  

At the end of the day it costs more to replace than it does to retain, so be mindful of your work space and the environment it is creating.