8 Reasons Why Mobile HR is the Future of Payroll and HR Management

Payroll and HR professionals can get bogged down in manual processes. From sifting through endless paperwork to imputing the same data across multiple platforms, these practices can feel like banging your head against a concrete wall. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Single-source, cloud-based HR solutions are widely available, and as the HR and payroll industry continues to evolve, mobile access is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re curious about the advantages of mobile HR, check out these 8 reasons why mobile HR is the future of payroll and HR management.

1. Access critical information from anywhere

Have you ever been in the bank and needed your social security card and realized you forgot to bring it? It can be a panic-inducing situation. A mobile HR platform eliminates that feeling. Mobile HR gives you access to your most important documents, no matter where you are.

2. Simplify open enrollment and benefits understanding

Mobile HR, and digital HR in general, simplifies access and understanding to healthcare benefits. Easy access encourages an open dialogue with your family, doctor, spouse, and other important people in your life. Furthermore, mobile and digital HR platforms greatly reduce the stress and frustration involved with picking a healthcare plan when it’s time for open enrollment.

3. Easily access pay stubs and prove you’re a gainfully employed individual

Applying for a credit card or qualifying for that dream car is a lot easier when you can quickly prove you’re a gainfully employed individual. Mobile HR gives you fast and easy access to critical financial information, like your paystubs. You’ll never again have to worry if your printer has enough ink or paper to finish the job.

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4. Streamline PTO requests and sick days

Mobile HR allows employees to easily request time off or log in a sick day. With a few clicks from your phone, you can rest assured PTO and sick days are sent in on time and received by a supervisor. Mobile and digital HR platforms ensure PTO requests will not get lost under a shuffle of paperwork.

5. Digitally approve and monitor scheduling

Scheduling employees can be a giant headache for supervisors. Juggling vacations, who is close to overtime, and who is sick can be a giant project. Digital HR management makes it easy to see who is scheduled and when, and allows you to skip the paperwork and make adjustments in real time. You’ll decrease scheduling errors and overlaps, and reject or approve PTO requests as soon as they come in.

6. Never forget employee details

Are you unsure if your new hire’s birthday is next week or next month? Pick up the birthday cake on the right date by logging into your mobile HR platform and access important employee details.

7. Drastically decrease paperwork

Perhaps the biggest advantage of digital and mobile HR platforms is their ability to streamline antiquated HR and payroll tasks. When all employee information can be updated from a single source, you’ll never again have to print off endless reams of paper to change a small employee detail. By making the forward switch to digital and mobile HR platforms, you’ll drastically reduce the cost of materials and energy to your company.

8. Punch in from anywhere

If your organization is comfortable with letting your employees punch in or out from anywhere, mobile HR is an ideal choice. Additionally, you can easily track when employees are working or if they’re still stuck in traffic. While not applicable to every business, mobile punching can be a great resource for the construction industry, as well as remote workers.

Mobile HR and payroll platforms can make the lives of industry professionals much easier, but it’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all approach. You’ll have to decide for yourself if the advantages of mobile HR are right for your business.

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