An Applicant's Journey with Dominion Systems

Today marks the beginning of my third week at Dominion Systems. Even though it has only been a few weeks since I started working here, I can already say I love it. 

The Past

Since the moment I found out about the opening for a Marketing Team Member position on LinkedIn, I knew I wanted to apply. The application was simple and to the point, and the only document required was a resume. Two days after I applied, I received an email to schedule a phone interview.

I hate phone interviews. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. Earlier that week I’d had a phone interview with the Marketing Manager at a different company, and it went terrible. Luckily, Dominion’s phone interview was completely different. The girl on the phone was bubbly and friendly, which made me feel comfortable. We spoke for about twenty minutes, and a couple of days later, I got an email from her to schedule an in-person interview.

The second and third interviews went well, and by the time I was done with the whole interview process, I was extremely excited and eager to know whether I got the job or not.. I did!

The Present

I have never woken up one morning thinking I was excited to go to work, until I joined Dominion. I thought that my first day here would be weird and awkward, but it was the complete opposite. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, the marketing team even took me out to lunch!

The atmosphere here is very relaxed and people are friendly. Everyone is always willing to help out and answer any questions one might have, which helps get everything done easily.
I’ve mostly been in trainings recently, but I’ve learned so much about the company, the industry, and marketing. I already passed a Fundamentals of Payroll course and I also got Inbound Marketing Certified! I am looking forward to see what the future has in store for me!

The Future

I love working at Dominion. I know, it’s only been a few weeks and I haven’t gotten to the real stuff yet, but I am excited to start working on things that I will be doing on a daily basis. Even though I am done with trainings, I am looking forward to keep learning more not only about Dominion, but also about marketing. I want to be able to write more blogs, put my design skills into practice, create landing pages, and do more marketing in general!

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