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Ask Yourself One Question For Smooth Payroll Implementation

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Payroll and modern HR are key components to a successful business. So if your current payroll provider isn’t accurate, reliable, or timely, how can you expect your business to succeed? The sad fact is many business owners and HR leaders settle for stressful and unpredictable HCM service because switching to a new provider can be just as hectic. But your business can effectively switch to trusted, reliable service by asking one question.

Is my payroll and HR provider collaborative?

If you’ve watched product demos and chatted with salespeople about a new provider, ask yourself how they’ve approached collaboration. Have they listened to your concerns? Better yet, do their solutions seem believable? If you have a sneaking suspicion that they’re solely focused on closing the sale instead of taking the time to understand the nuances of your needs, chances are you’re in for a rough implementation. 

A collaborative payroll and HR provider should listen and support clients needs

A payroll and HR provider worth their salt will dedicate resources to your business. Whether that’s an implementation specialist or a team, account managers and a trainer, or any combination, a worthy provider who commits specific people to your cause is a sign of a smooth implementation process. 

At Dominion, we have a knowledgeable and dedicated implementation and training team to set clients up for smooth payroll and HR processes.They understand the complexities of multiple industries, tax laws specific to regions and businesses, and most importantly, happy to discuss and solve problems on your behalf.

Once your business goes live with Dominion, you have access to our client solutions team.  Dominion’s client solutions team is made of a staff of knowledgeable employees who are familiar with every aspect of our software. If you ever have any questions, we are always just a phone call, chat, or email away. 

We boast a chat wait time of under 30 seconds, an on-hold time of fewer than 60 seconds, and an email response time of 2 hours. With Dominion, you come first. 

Implementation shouldn’t be a surprise

Switching payroll providers can be complicated, which is why Dominion believes nothing about the implementation process should be a surprise. You’ll be involved in the scheduling of your implementation, such as training and go-live dates, and can decide what time of year works best for your business to switch payroll providers. After the schedule is created, your team should receive emails and calls to keep you in the loop about the process. You should never feel confused or frustrated about the implementation schedule. 

If you’re looking for a truly collaborative payroll and HR provider, see how Dominion sets up our clients for success.


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