Coming Soon: Performance Reviews

Enhance employee performance without unnecessary processes. Dominion’s Performance Review feature is simple, flexible, and perfectly suited for modern employee management.

Our new feature is fully equipped to easily track and rate performance based on competencies, manage goal progress, evaluate day-to-day performance, gather critical feedback, and even send reminders and notifications.  Once complete, use the data to make informed decisions, gain insight on overall performance for your company, and create individual action plans for the next review cycle.

With Dominion's Performance Reviews, you can:

  • Create customized review plans or use one of Dominion's built-in strategies.

  • Gather data to help monitor productivity and engagement.

  • Eliminate the need to hound employees with automated email reminders.

  • Set goals to track employee progress and performance.  

Modern employee management gives you the tools you need to address your organization’s goals head-on. Ready to learn more about our Performance product? Sign up to receive updates from the Dominion team.