Committing to a Paperless Workplace in 2016

It’s that time of year again (the New Year!) to start making some improvements in your life and in your business. One item that may be on your improvement list that you haven’t fully committed to is going paperless. By going paperless, your company would be saving on the cost of paper and cost of time. The average employee in America produces or prints 10,000 pages of paper a year. Unfortunately, Americans are estimated to waste 39% of paper printed and medium sized businesses spend 13-31 times the cost of actually purchasing the paper. If you haven’t tackled this cost savings plan yet because you are unsure of how you will manage life without paper, here are some alternatives to the paperless lifestyle.

Digital Notes

If you use a lot of paper in your meetings to stay organized and share information, going paperless may feel a bit uncomfortable for you. What is great about technology though is that there are so many devices to invest in that take the place of paper. Computers, tablets, and even phones all have the ability to act as your notebook, and thanks to the internet or “the cloud” there are many ways that your notes will be automatically updated as you create them to be available on all of your electronic devices.

Staying organized electronically is so easy because all of your notes are in one place. Sharing those notes with other employees or clients is simple when you can connect to a large monitor and project your ideas with the rest of your group. No need to print off a bunch of copies for the group (how many of them actually keep track of those documents after the meeting?) now you can send them those documents without printing a single sheet.  

Digital Documents

When collaborating on projects, it can be difficult to keep up all of the updates coming from every direction. If printing has been your go-to source for collaboration, fear not, there is an easier way to keep track of it all! Using cloud-based software such as Google Docs lets everyone in the group have access to the document being worked on. All updates are live for everyone to see in one location.

What is also great about keeping your work completely online or digitally saved to a hard drive is how easy it is to keep documents organized. Dragging and dropping files or accessing your documents through online applications is perfect for knowing the exact location of each bit of work. No paper necessary.

Online Reports

Keeping your data online is a great way to successfully track performance without any paper involved. Pulling reports from online databases is simple and convenient with the click of a button. What is also great about utilizing online analytical tools and databases is that they store all of your past data and stats, so you don’t need to keep a filing cabinet on hand when you need to compare performance and goal marks. Content management systems (CMS) are an excellent way to organize company data and also gives every employee involved in reporting and activity tracking can have access to dashboards and other tools. A well-developed CMS will save you time, money, and paper.

Cloud Based Employee Self Service (ESS)

A similar idea to a CMS is ESS. ESS or, employee self service, is an online portal for employees to manage their own work-related information. Things such as PTO, health benefit information, and important documents are all stored in one place for employees to access. Besides alleviating stress and paperwork from your HR department, you would also be eliminating the paper itself from basic HR and office managerial tasks that lie within an ESS portal.

Living in the digital age definitely makes going completely paperless an attainable goal for 2016. By adapting new technologies, programs, and software into the working lifestyle of your company, printing will become less useful to everyone with each digital add on. Implementing just one new digital process at a time until you and your employees are comfortable is a great practice for achieving your paperless goal. Watch savings grow when you kick the habit of buying, storing, printing, and wasting paper. 

If you are interested in integrating a paperless payroll for your business, check out Dominion Systems' free ebook, 5 Simple Steps to Process a Paperless Payroll.