Create a More Refined Google Search with These Simple Tricks

Google is a great resource when you’re looking to find information on just about anything; however, did you know you can make a more direct Google search by using a few symbols.

Let’s say you’re looking to find information on the upcoming Color Run 5k, well if you simply Google “Color Run 5k” you’ll be pulling information about various unrelated 5k’s and let’s face it, no one wants to comb through useless information they didn’t ask for in the first place. Lucky for you the following tips and tricks will help to locate the information you’re looking for in a quick and efficient manner.

When you’re googling a keyword, but you’d also like to pull words with similar meanings, use ~ before the keyword (no space). By doing this you will instruct Google to search for webpages with the exact word and for words that have a similar meaning. This will include synonym keywords in your results.  The example of  ~hurricane  will yield results about hurricanes and some results about tornados or cyclones.

If you want to exclude key words in your search use the minus symbol – before a word (no space). The example of  ebooks -free  will search for websites that contain the word ebooks, without the word free associated with it.

If you cannot remember all the words in a phrase use the wildcard character  * in place of the unknown term.  For example, googling  a penny * is a penny earned  will return the entire phrase including the unknown word, which is this example would be saved.  Use more than one wildcard character:  What a * * * is man will complete this quote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

To obtain results that match either of the search terms use the OR operator (in upper case) in your search request.  I searched for  HDD OR SDD memory  to yield results that include solid state drives, hard disk drives as well as articles describing the difference between them.

If you want to search for a numeric range you would type in the range as well as the subject that you’re looking for.  For example, the search  computer $400..$600  brought back a list of websites either selling or talking about computers in this price range.

When you need to find keywords in the given sequence or order use quotes around your search request to instruct Google that you only want results that match your keywords in the same order as they appear in your query. There are times when Google will display results that match all of the requested search terms. Unfortunately, the results do not match the order that you requested.

By using the aforementioned tips you’ll be able to have a more direct Google search. For a shortcut to the above tips, go to Happy Googling!