Dominion's Employee Self Service Software Tour: Part 3 of 3

Dominion hosted a live Employee Self Service software demo January 24, 2018. Claire Manz, Dominion’s Product Strategist, presented on Dominion’s Employee Self Service platform. I broke the transcript down into 3 parts. Below is part 3. By reading these transcripts or watching the live demo, you will learn how to empower your employees by conveniently giving them access to their personal information such as their pay stubs and W-2, enroll in benefits during open enrollment, as well as access other useful resources. Part 1 goes over the shortcuts that are on the employee's main page. You can find the part 1 transcript here. Part 2 shares information regarding the Profile tab, the Reports tab, and the Time & Attendance tab. You can find the part 2 transcript here. Part 3 below shares information about the Applicant Tracking and Benefits tabs, questions from clients, as well as how Dominion's Onboarding software is conveniently integrated with our Employee Self Service product. Giving your employees an Employee Self Service portal allows you to focus your time on more important payroll and HR tasks. Keep reading to learn about Applicant Tracking, Benefits, as well as how our individual software products integrate together!

Applicant Tracking Tab

Another product that we have is Applicant Tracking. Applicant Tracking is available for employers to post jobs and you can have all of that applicant information stored in the system. If they do become an employee, we can easily move that data over to the Onboarding portal or to the employee profile. This alleviates some of that manual data entry. What it also does is allow current employees to go through positions that might be available to them internally. We really like to encourage this so that the employees have access and know what jobs might be open for them and what they might be qualified for. It’s very great to have employees be able to see all of that.

Benefits Tab

Finally, Benefits Administration is a really good way to track all of those life events and open enrollment election. We have an open enrollment. Julie just recently had a baby so she has a life event so we can go ahead and get started for her. Benefits Administration is a very simple process. We've tried to make the navigation as user-friendly as possible so employees can't mess this up. As an employee, I can verify that my own information is correct and I can add new dependents. We'll go ahead and add a new dependent. Let's add basic information that we have to have in the system so that the employee can easily record this on their dependents so that in the future, once they go through open enrollment, all of that dependent data is stored. There won’t be a problem with the employee saying, “Oh, I don't have my dependents Social Security number”.

Dominion's available benefit options and selections including medical, voluntary life, and short term disability.

Available Benefits

If it's stored in the system, they can easily go through open enrollment and select their benefits. It’s very easy to see what benefits are available to me. I click on Medical and I can see which plans are available to me. I can select this plan and see how much the cost is per pay. I’m going to go ahead and select and add to benefit. Voluntary Life is another really great plan. You can see some plan information as well, outside of storing the resources that we have for health insurance information. If you are using Benefits Administration, they can always access which benefits they're actually enrolled in and how much it costs. I can also see any plan materials. We can link directly to find a doctor or we can link to certain websites for certain services or host all of the different plan documents, summaries, and all those compliance documents as well that are attached to these policies. We really want to make it easily accessible to the employee. I'm going to go ahead and waive my Voluntary Life coverage. We'll click continue and we'll be able to see an overview for the employee as to what they actually elected. Once they see that this information is stored here for them, we can confirm my benefits. This is a really great way to allow the employees to have access to Benefits Administration throughout the entire open enrollment window. You might give them two weeks or you might give them 30 days. This is really a great way for them to go through the process and then for them to come back and make changes as necessary. Once she has her benefits elected and they become in effect, she will be able to refer to Benefits Administration and see all of her current benefits anytime she needs to. It’s a really great portal for employees to have access to that information without coming up to you and saying, “Hey, what's my deductible?”. Off the top of your head, you may not know. It's a really great way to again redirect employees so that they will be a little bit more self-sufficient. I totally understand that changing employee behavior is a little bit hard and it takes some time, but we highly encourage it. Maybe start with some baby steps like introducing Employee Self Service to all of your employees. You could also start with one of the new products like Time & Attendance or Leave Management. Get them familiar with where they access the system.


I also highly recommend Onboarding because Onboarding starts the employee on their employee profile. First, go through onboarding and that login that they have translates into Employee Self Service once onboarding is finished. The first thing that they're doing is they're logging onto the site so they get introduced to it very quickly and they understand where all that information is stored for them in the future. There are a lot of great ways to encourage this change in behavior to make them a little bit more self-sufficient, but also help you, as an administrator, do some of that manual data entry and also keep track of all of those different pieces of information.


Q: When Dominion added the security questions for login, many of our employees got locked out of their Dominion account. Why would this happen?

A: Employees might have been locked out for a couple different reasons. This could happen if they didn't answer all of the questions. They could have stopped midway and not saved all of their questions, or if they repeated answers, which disables the save button, they might be locked out. That's certainly something that client solutions will be able to help you with. If it's a continual problem, please let your account manager know, but the security questions do have to be finished with all different answers before the employee is able to log back in. What we've also found is if an employee saved their password on their mobile device or personal computer and they try a password after three times, it will also lock them out. Have them clear out their browsing history.

Q: Why are the W-2s on the home screen different from the W-2s that are printed and mailed to non-electronic consenting employees?

A: The shortcut is actually just a copy of their W-2. It's the full copy, not the perforated three - four copy versions that they have. If they do go into the Standard Reports, there is the W-2 report. It’s the final report and they will get the full 4 copy version for the employee. They just have to go to Standard Reports and not actually use the shortcut if they want all three separated like that.

Q: Can employees change their W-4 information through Employee Self Service?

A: If you have an employee request a change in their taxes, so how their exemptions are withholding, that will come through as a notification for you to do in your to-do box. When you receive that an employee made those changes, it doesn't automatically update or produce a W-4. You will use that information, that notification, to then supply the employee with a new W-4.

Q: How does the employee know whether they have consented or not when they view the W-2 Consent screen?

A: The employee will have a page in ESS on the Reports tab for the W-2 to consent on. On this page, you have the option to select the “accept agreement” or “withdrawal of consent” button. If the employee already consented, it will appear that they have already clicked on the button and it won’t be clickable a second time.

Q: Can you have documents added by a department?

A: This also allows you to have certain permissions as well. We can say that this document or this folder is only for certain departments. Maybe you have safety information or training materials that are specific to a type of employee that not everyone needs access to. You can have information stored separately so that maybe your office employees don't see all of the safety training materials.

Q: Regarding customization in ESS, can you remove some of the shortcut tabs on the home screen, but the information stays available in the Reports, like the W-2?

A: The customized sections are more of the fields that you add in Events and the customized HR fields. Anything that you see as a tile or as a shortcut is really available to all of our clients. There's not quite so much customization that we can do there, but the employee would always see those shortcuts as you make those year-end forms available. However, they won't see a shortcut for time off if you do not have Leave Management. They will only see certain things just dependent on what products you have as well.

If there's something with Employee Self Service that you'd like employees to have access to and maybe you didn't see here today, we'd love to send that back to our development team. We're always enhancing Employee Self Service because it's where we can create a lot of efficiencies for not only you but employees. Thank you very much for joining us today.

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